Answers to Basic Questions About DVD Recorders

Answers To Basic Questions About DVD Recorders and DVD Recording - Introduction

Magnavox MDR-865H DVD/HDD Recorder (top) - Funai DV220FX4 DVD/VCR Recorder (bottom)
Magnavox MDR-865H DVD/HDD Recorder (top) - Funai DV220FX4 DVD/VCR Recorder (bottom). Images courtesy of

The era of the VCR has drawn to a close (although many will still be in use for awhile longer) and the era of the DVD, although still with us, is slowing giving way to Blu-ray, Video-on-Demand, and Internet Streaming. These changes in how we access video content has also affected the use and availability of DVD recorders, but my email box is still filled with many questions on what DVD recorders are, how they work, and what they can be used for.

In order to address the most common questions regarding DVD recorders, here are some general FAQs that should make your DVD recorder buying decision easier, taking into consideration the limited selection available.

What is a DVD recorder and what is a DVD burner?

Can I copy VHS videos and DVDs on a DVD recorder?

Can I copy video from my Camcorder to a DVD recorder?

Can DVD recorders connect to an Antenna, Cable, or Satellite Box?

Can I watch one TV program while recording another with a DVD recorder?

Can I make a copy of a Cable/Satellite DVR or DVD recording that I made from HBO?

What are the recordable DVD formats? - Can I play my DVD recordings in other DVD players?

Is there a DVD recorder that records in all formats?

How much time can I record on a DVD?

Can I create chapters and menus on the DVDs that I make using a DVD Recorder?

How does DVD recorder video quality compare to a VCR or DVD player?

Can DVDs I record be played anywhere in the World?

Are there DVD Recorder/VHS VCR or Hard Disk/DVD recorder combos?

Can a DVD recorder record Dolby Digital 5.1 or DTS surround sound?

Can DVD recorders record audio-only DVDs?

Can I record a DVD in Progressive Scan?

Can I record HDTV on a DVD recorder?

Can a DVD recorder with no RF input record off a cable directly from the wall?

What about blank DVD discs?

Are DVD recorders also good DVD players?

How do I hook up a DVD recorder to my TV or home theater system?

Do DVD recorders also have region code lock, like DVD players?

Is it worth buying a DVD recorder now?

I hope that these FAQs help to sort out the issues revolving around DVD recorders. Keep in mind, as with all consumer electronics technology, that things are constantly changing. In other words, these FAQs are dynamic and will be updated when needed. If you have any input into these FAQs, feel free to send me a comment or post it on my Forum. Also, stay tuned for updates on DVD recorders and related products throughout the year.

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