DVD, DVD Players, and DVD Recorders

The Home Theater Guide to DVD, DVD Players, and DVD Recorders

DVD, DVD Players, and DVD Recorders - DVD has been around for almost two decades now, with most households in the U.S. owning a least one, many owning two or more. However, how much do you really know about DVD? For a comprehensive look at DVD, check out the following entries in my Guide to DVD, DVD Players, and DVD Recorders.

DVD Basics - Frequently Asked Questions About DVD

Setting a DVD on a DVD Player Disc Loading Tray
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DVD is the most successful home entertainment product in history. Ever since it was introduced in 1997, DVD has taken off like a rocket and can be found in a growing number of practical configurations. However, what is DVD what really makes it different from VHS? To find out the answers to some basic questions on DVD, check out my DVD Player Basics FAQs.
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DVD Video Upscaling - Important Facts

Know the difference between DVD video upscaling and true high definition video.​
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DVD Recorders - Frequently Asked Questions About DVD Recorders and DVD Recording

As DVD recorders become more popular and affordable, my email box is filled with many questions on what they are, how they work, and what they can be used for. In order to address the most common questions regarding DVD recorders, I am answering some general FAQs on the topic.
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The Difference Between Commercial DVDs and DVDs You Make With a DVD Recorder

DVD Recording formats are similar to, but not the same as, the format used in commercial DVDs you buy at the local video store, which is referred to as DVD-Video. The main difference lies in the way the DVDs are made.
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Video Copy Protection and DVD Recording

Video Copy Protection and DVD Recording: Just as you can't copy commercially made video tapes to another VCR due to Macrovision anti-copy encoding, the same applies to making copies to DVD. DVD recorders cannot bypass the anti-copy signal on commercial VHS tapes or DVDs. To find out more on this, check out my Quick Tip: Video Copy Protection and DVD Recording.
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DVD Record Modes - Recording Times For DVDs

A very common question I receive from owners of DVD recorders and persons considering a DVD recorder purchase is: "How much time can I record on a DVD?" This answer to this question for each DVD recorder is explained in both the published specifications (which are available online) and the user manual for that DVD recorder. However, for those that are still in the purchasing consideration stage, here is an overview of the recording times available.
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DVD Record Modes and Disc Writing Speed

The difference between DVD record times and disc writing speed. When you buy a blank recordable DVD, on the label it not only refers to the disc size and record mode time but also refers to Writing Speed. The disc label may indicate a 2x, 4x, 8x, or higher Writing Speed capability. What does this mean to the average consumer?
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Why DVD Recorders Are Getting Harder To Find

Have you shopped for a DVD Recorder recently (2009) and have found slim-pickins on store shelves? It is not your imagination. While DVD recorders are thriving in other parts of the World and Blu-ray Disc recorders are all the rage in Japan and being introduced in several other markets, the U.S. is being left out of the video recording equation; and it is being left out on purpose.
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Upscaling DVD Players

DVD continues its penetration into retail stores and consumer's homes at an accelerated pace. Even if you don't have a high-end TV or home theater system, you can still enjoy the benefits of the DVD revolution. However, if you do have a higher end system or TV, many of today's inexpensive players have a wealth of features, including video upscaling.
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LCD Flat Panel Television - DVD Player Combinations

The TV is everywhere in our households. Now, with the advent of new technologies, the TV has taken on a new identity in the form of the TV Combo. Although the TV combo concept has been with us for some time, the concept has evolved into an LCD form factor that includes built-in DVD players. Such units are great for locations such as the office, dorm room, recreation room, kitchen, or bedroom. These new hi-tech TV combos also make great gifts for holidays and other special occasions, including back-to-school.
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DVD Recorders - Top Picks for DVD Recorders

DVD recorders are a popular alternative to the VCR. With prices becoming more affordable, DVD Recorders are within reach of most pocketbooks. Check out some current suggestions DVD recorders and DVD Recorder/Hard Drive combo units.

If you are looking for a DVD Recorder that also includes a VCR, check out my list of suggested DVD Recorder/VCR Combinations.

DVD Recorder/VCR Combinations - Top Picks for DVD Recorder/VCR Combinations

DVD recorder/VCR combos are here. For those that are both replacing a VCR and want a DVD recorder, this flexible option gives you the best of the old and the new. You can use these units to play DVDs and VHS tapes, as well as record or copy homemade recordings (such as camcorder tapes, television recordings, etc...). However, keep in mind that DVD recorder/VCR combos cannot be used to copy commercially made DVD movies to VHS or commercially made VHS movies to DVD, due to copy-protection.
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