DVD Recording (or Burning) Software Programs

Update: Some of the DVD burning software packages have changed. We've found new links to the newest products but, as of right now, we haven't tested each of these. All programs are made by the same companies that made the software we originally recommended.

DVD Recording Software (also known as DVD Burning Software) is a valuable software application to have if you would like to preserve Video or TV onto DVD. Once video or TV is captured to your computer, DVD Recording Software applications work with your DVD writer/burner to record to DVD. Below are my top picks for these software applications. Many offer free trials, and I encourage you to download and try their products before you buy.

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Roxio Easy Media Creator 10

A great, all-in-one, cost-effective solution for disc burning, media management and home video hobbyists. Roxio, a company that has made a name for itself as a creator of easy-to-use, powerful, and popular CD and DVD burning software, takes a big step forward with Easy Media Creator 10. This is an all-inclusive suite, which offers CD and DVD burning, photo editing, video editing, sound manipulation and DVD authoring in an integrated, affordable and easy-to-use package.

Update: Roxio had made some changes and now offers Roxio Creator NXT 2.

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Nero 8 Ultra Edition

Capture from DV/Analog camcorders, Digital Cameras and supported video capture and TV tuner cards. Burn to DVD, VCD, SVCD and double layer DVD . Touted as the "ultimate all-in-one digital media solution." A very good choice for DVD recording.

Update: Nero has made some changes and now offers Nero Video 2014.

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Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0

Adobe has made a name for itself as a high end video editing software application. Now, Adobe goes after the everyday user with Premiere Elements. It offers video editing and DVD burning in one affordable package. For anyone interested in editing their TV shows or videos and then burning to DVD, Adobe is a nice product.

Update: Adobe has made some changes and now offers Adobe Premiere Elements 12.

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Roxio MyDVD 9

Roxio MyDVD 9 makes it easy to create CDs and DVDs from TV, video, photos and music. MyDVD will import and burn your video direct from your camera. MyDVD supports all popular file formats and capture devices. If you're upgrading to MyDVD from other applications, you can even import video from DVDs created with other programs. Includes support for TiVO recordings (must have TiVO DVR and TiVO desktop software). Affordable, with many great features.

Update: Roxio has made some changes and now offers Easy Video Copy & Convert 5.

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Ulead DVD MovieFactory 6 Plus

Capture and import video from camcorders, VHS tapes, DVD recorders and TV programs. In just a few steps burn digital video, VHS movies or TV programs straight to disc. No extra hard drive space needed. Check out my full review of the previous version, DVD MovieFactory 5.

Update: Corel has made some changes and now offers Ulead DVD MovieFactory 6 Plus.

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Vegas Movie Studio

Vegas Movie Studio is a streamlined version of the Vegas professional program. It's a good entry-level tool for video-editing and DVD-creation on your PC.

Update: Sony has made some changes and now offers Movie Studio Platinum.

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NTI CD & DVD Maker 7

Burn DVDs and CDs using the integrated user interface which delivers fast and easy burning in a few steps. Safeguard, organize and share all of your files with one easy-to-use CD and DVD burning solution. Whether you're storing data files, organizing digital photos, creating a video library, or enhancing your music collection, NTI CD & DVD Maker 7 makes burning your own CDs and DVDs an easy process. A good product and very affordable.

Update: This product is no longer available.

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neoDVD 7.0

A complete DVD Recording application that takes video direct from a VHS deck, camcorder or file and burns it to +RW/-RW/-RAM recorders. With neoDVD 7.0, burning video tapes and files to DVD or VCD is very easy. This simple to use, extremely powerful DVD burning software enables both novice and expert users to get their content to DVD with minimum effort. Supports many different file formats, including Quicktime (.mov).

Update: mediostream has made some changes and now offers neoDVD.

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ArcSoft DVD & CD Suite

ArcSoft DVD & CD Suite combines all the functionality of disc copying and data archiving from ArcSoft DVD/CD Maker and adds the powerful video capturing, editing, and DVD authoring capabilities of ArcSoft ShowBiz DVD 2. Connect virtually any video device, and burn either data, DVD, or VCD discs.

Update: ArcSoft has made some changes and now offers TotalMedia Extreme 3.

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Intervideo WinDVD Creator 3

One user-friendly interface for Capture, Edit, Author, & Burn. Direct recording from video to disc. Capture video from your favorite TV show or camcorder. Video editing and creation combined in one quick step. Support for all DVD and CD-R formats. Two packages available, Gold or Platinum. Platinum offers more features, but is $20 more.

Update: This program is no longer available.

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