Duplicate Email Remover 2.18.0 - Microsoft Outlook Add-On

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Duplicate Email Remover is a wonderful Outlook add-on that detects duplicate email messages precisely and can deal with them in a number of useful ways.

Pros and Cons of Duplicate Email Remover


  • Duplicate Email Remover finds and cleans duplicate email messages in Outlook folders
  • To find duplicates, Duplicate Email Remover looks at a wide and configurable array of criteria
  • Duplicate Email Remover can deal with duplicate messages in a number of flexible ways


  • Duplicate Email Remover can be a bit slow to check large message stores
  • The selection of fields and criteria used in message comparison could be even bigger

Description of Duplicate Email Remover​

  • Duplicate Email Remover detects duplicate email messages in Outlook.
  • You can either search within or across folders.
  • If Duplicate Email Remover compares in multiple folders, you can designate their priority.
  • Duplicates found by Duplicate Email Remover can be copies, moved, flagged or deleted automatically.
  • Duplicate Email Remover supports Windows 2000/3/XP/Vista/7/8 and Outlook 2000/2/3/7/10/13.

Bottom Line

Open just about any Outlook email folder and you will find obvious duplicates of messages in either the same or another Outlook folder. Copying and mail migration seem to be the most probable culprits.

Whatever be their cause, duplicates waste space and can be irritating if you search your mail. And whatever be their cause, Duplicate Email Remover probably is the cure.

Looking at the message body, headers and attachments, it detects copies of the same email in either one folder or across mailboxes. You can even assign priorities to folders (so that the copy in the lesser folder counts as the duplicate) and configure the aspects Duplicate Email Remover should compare when testing for duplicity.

Duplicate Email Remover is just as flexible when it comes to dealing with the detected duplicates. You can have it delete them right away, of course, but Duplicate Email Remover can also just flag them or move (or copy) them to a special folder so you can review them before purging.

The whole duplicate removal process is performed in a painless succession of dialogs. Now, a non-wizard interface might be useful for some, and if Duplicate Email Remover could be speedier (by caching messages, for example), that would be nice, too.