Review: Dungeon Hunter 2 HD for iPad

Note: Dungeon Hunter 2 is no longer available on the App Store. If you are looking for a great role-playing game to play on your iPad, take a look at our best RPG roundup

Dungeon Hunter 2 Review

The best type of sequel is a game that takes what made the original such a good game and improves upon it rather than trying to reinvent the wheel. Dungeon Hunter 2 has the same look-and-feel of the original. And its story line isn't going to win any awards. But what it does do is improve the interface and overall gameplay of the original, and turns it into the best hack-n-slash on the iPad.

The most improved area are the classes themselves. It still has the same three classes -- Warrior, Rogue, and Mage -- but each can now specialize in one of two different paths, which gives us a total of six different ways to play the game. Better yet, the skills have been revamped to be not so generic. Let's face it, the first one made it hard to look forward to becoming a high-level mage just so you can do damage with a firebolt instead of an electricity bolt. Now, you'll have plenty of cool skills and abilities.​

Another major improvement is with the interface itself. It hasn't changed drastically -- you still have an on-screen movement pad and a set of buttons for abilities -- but the whole interface seems a bit smoother. The movement pad is especially improved, making it easier to navigate the game.

At its heart, Dungeon Hunter II remains a hack-n-slash action-RPG. What the sequel has done is make it the best hack-n-slash in the app store.