DuckDuckGo Announces Upcoming Web Browsing App

Currently on a closed beta for macOS

Search engine company DuckDuckGo has revealed that it's working on a new desktop browser which is currently in a closed beta.

As part of a year-in-review post, DuckDuckGo stated it's maintaining the design philosophy of its popular mobile app by keeping everything simple and ensuring a high level of privacy protection. The company reiterated that the new browser should be seen as a specialty browser but as an everyday app that actively protects you.

DuckDuckGo Browser


So far, details are light about the new browser’s capabilities outside of being a straight port of the mobile app. As with anything DuckDuckGo does, the new app provides robust privacy protection across searches, internet browsing, email, and other aspects.

To keep the upcoming app free of clutter, the company is building the software around Google Chromium, a popular codebase used in many browsers. This has allowed DuckDuckGo to remove unnecessary aspects to ensure a clean user interface and quick performance.

According to the official DuckDuckGo Twitter account, the beta is currently available on macOS only, but the CEO of the company did confirm that they are working on a version for Windows.

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In that same year-in-review post, DuckDuckGo announced several updates to its mobile app. Currently, the mobile app has a 'Fire Button,' which closes all the open tabs and removes all browser data.

The company has added a 'Fireproofing' notice which will allow you to save certain websites before closing everything. Android users, in particular, will get to enjoy faster load speeds and a simplified search bar.

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