How to Connect a DTV Converter Box to an Analog TV

You may not need to throw out that old TV after all

What to Know

  • Disconnect coaxial cable from the From Antenna port on the TV. Connect coaxial cable from the TV to From Antenna input on DTV box.
  • Connect coaxial or RCA composite cable to Out to TV connector on DTV converter box and to From Antenna or Video 1/AUX input on TV.
  • Plug in TV and DTV converter box, turn TV to channel 3 or 4, and follow on-screen instructions to set up DTV converter box.

If you have an analog TV and want to watch current digital cable content on it, you need a digital TV (DTV) converter box. These DTV boxes are relatively inexpensive and easy to find. Hooking them up is a breeze with this four-step process.

How to Connect a DTV Converter to an Analog TV

Use coaxial or RCA composite cables to link your analog TV to a DTV converter box. Follow these steps to set up the connection.

  1. First, disconnect the coaxial cable. Go to the back of your TV and unplug the coaxial cable that's connected to the From Antenna port of the television. 

    Disconnecting the output from the antenna

    On the back of the DTV box, you'll see two connections. Look for the one that is labeled From Antenna. This is the one you want. Take the coaxial cable you just detached from the TV and attach it to the DTV converter box using the From Antenna input.

  2. Connect the output from the DTV converter. Another connector on the back of the DTV converter box is labeled To TV (RF), Out to TV composite, or similar. Take either a coaxial or an RCA composite cable (your choice) and connect it to the Out to TV connector.

    Choosing the output from the TV

    There is only one coaxial cable, but the RCA composite cable may have several connectors. The various cables are usually color-coded to match the ports.

  3. Connect your DTV converter to the TV. Look on the back of the TV. You'll see either a From Antenna or Video 1/AUX input or a port with similar verbiage. Take the coaxial cable from the DTV box or the RCA composite cables and plug them into the corresponding ports here.

    Connecting DTV converter box to TV
  4. Configure the DTV converter to decode the antenna signals. Plug in both the TV and DTV converter box and turn them both on. Follow the instructions that came with the converter box, and turn your TV to channel 3 or 4. Follow the on-screen instructions to configure the DTV converter box to decode the antenna signals, and enjoy your programming.

    Configuring DTV Converter to Decode antenna signals
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