How to Open and Convert DSK Files

Screenshot of several DSK files in Windows 10 that open with PowerISO

​Tim Fisher / Lifewire

A file with the DSK file extension is a Disk Image file created by various programs for storing images of disks for backup purposes.

Some DSK files may instead be Borland Project Desktop files that store project-related files and references used by the Delphi IDE or other programming software.

If the DSK file isn't in either of those two formats, it's most likely a Simple IDs Database file that stores ID cards.

The letters "dsk" are often used as an abbreviation for "disk," meaning hard disk drive, and so are used in some computer commands like chkdsk (check disk). That command and others like it, however, having nothing to do with the DSK files mentioned on this page.

How to Open a DSK File

DSK files that are Disk Image files may be able to be opened with Partition Doctor, WinImage, PowerISO, or R-Studio. Macs provide built-in support for DSK files with the Disk Utility tool.

It's unlikely that all DSK files can be opened with each of these programs. It's best to use the same program that created the DSK file to open it again.

Some DSK files might just be ZIP archives that use the .DSK file extension. If that's the case, you can open one with an archive decompressor like 7-Zip or PeaZip.

DSK files that are Borland Project Desktop files can be opened using Embarcadero's Delphi software (previously known as Borland Delphi before Embarcadero purchased the company in 2008).

Simple IDs Database files store ID cards used by DSKE's ID card creator program called Simple IDs. We don't have a download link for it (other than this really old archive from the Wayback Machine) but that is the program you need to open this type of DSK file.

If you find that an application on your PC does try to open the DSK file but it's the wrong application or if you would rather have another installed program open DSK files, see our guide on how to change the default program for a specific file extension to learn how to make that change in Windows.

How to Convert a DSK File

MagicISO or one of the DSK openers from above might be able to convert a DSK image file to a different image file format like ISO or IMG. 

If your DSK file is in a regular archive format like ZIP, and you want to convert one of the files inside of the archive, first extract all the contents so that you have access to the actual data that's stored inside. Then, you can run one of those files through a file converter.

DSK files that are used by the Delphi program might be able to be converted to another format if you look for the option in the File menu. Usually, a program like Delphi should support conversions via the File > Save As menu or some sort of Export or Convert button.

Simple IDs Database files can only open with Simple IDs, and that program doesn't appear to support file conversions.