How to Drop Multiple Pins on Google Maps

Showing multiple locations on Maps

What to Know

  • Use Your places in Google Maps to create a custom map and drop multiple pins.
  • Create a driving route layer by choosing any destination and selecting the directions icon.
  • Get driving directions to your multiple pins by opening step-by-step directions, or viewing each location in Google Maps.

In this article, you'll learn how to drop multiple pins on Google Maps using your computer, so you can create a multi-destination itinerary.

How Multiple Pins on Google Maps Works

When you type a location in Google Maps and select Directions, Google maps will display two pins. The first is your starting location, and the second is your destination.

To drop multiple pins on Google Maps, you'll need to customize your own map by using the Create Map option. This opens a custom map where you can drop as many pin icons as you like. You can create an itinerary for your next trip, so you never forget the locations you wanted to visit.

How to Drop Multiple Pins on Google Maps

To start dropping pins, you'll need to log into your Google account on Google Maps and start creating your own custom map.

  1. To create your custom map where you can drop multiple pins, select Your places from the left navigation menu.

    Your places highlighted from the Google Maps web app.
  2. In the Your Places window, select the Maps link at the top to switch to your custom map list. Scroll to the bottom of the list and select Create Map to create a new custom map.

    The Create Map option highlighted from Google Maps.
  3. Select the title of your custom map. In the Edit Map window, type the name of your map in the Map title field. Select the Save button to finish.

    The edit name box when creating a custom map from Google Maps.
  4. The easiest way to drop a pin is using the search field. As you start typing, you can choose the correct location from the dropdown list.

    Searching for a location when creating a custom Google Maps app.
  5. Once you select a location, it'll drop your first pin onto your new custom map. The area for the map will also zoom into your first location.

    A dropped pin highlighted from a custom Google Maps map.
  6. If you select the pin and press Add to map, you'll see several formatting options. This includes changing the icon or the icon color, You can also select the camera icon to add a photo or video of the location.

    Changing the pin color on a custom Google Maps map.
  7. Another method to drop a pin on your map is to select the location icon under the search field. This will change your cursor to crosshairs. Select any location on the map and a new pin will appear there.

    Selecting the pin icon in Google Maps.
  8. In the pop-up window, you can give this location a title. Select Save to save your new pin to the map.

    Dropping and saving a pin in Google Maps.
  9. A third method to drop new pins is to select an existing location on the map. This will open a window with the location details. Select Add to map to pin this as another location in your itinerary.

    Adding an existing location as a pin to a custom Google Maps map.
  10. You can reorder your itinerary list by selecting any of the locations in your list. Just select the location with your mouse and drag it up or down in the list to move it.

    Ordering locations in a custom Google Maps map.
  11. Once you're done, you'll have a full itinerary of all of the locations you plan to visit. This custom map is useful for when you're traveling, because you can view the map anywhere (even on the Google Maps mobile app).

Converting Your Map Into a Driving Route

Navigating to individual locations you've pinned is useful, but what if you want to plot out an actual driving route? You can also do this inside your custom map.

  1. Get started creating your driving route by selecting the first of your destinations. Once it's selected, select the directions icon under the search field.

    Launching directions in a customized Google Maps map.
  2. You'll see a new layer appear in the left pane with Driving identified under the layer name. The location you selected will appear first in your driving route.

    A location added to a driving list from Google Maps.
  3. In the route location field, type the name of the next destination. You'll see the location listed under the name of your locations layer. Choose the location and it'll appear as the next stop in your driving route.

    Searching for the next location in Google Maps when creating a custom driving route.
  4. Once you're finished adding all stops, you'll see your route outlined on the map with a blue line.

    A completed driving route in a customized Google Maps map.
  5. There are two ways you can use your driving route while traveling. Either select the three dots to the right of the layer name and choose Step-by-step directions. You can use these text directions to drive. Or, if you prefer using Google Maps, select the location you want to drive to next and choose View in Google Maps. This will enable normal Google Maps navigation mode to direct you to that location.

  • How do I drop multiple pins on the Google Maps app?

    While you can't drop multiple pins, you can drop pins on Google Maps for your smartphone one at a time by entering an address in the search bar or tapping and holding the screen to drop a pin manually. To view maps you've created in a web browser in the mobile app, open Google Maps on your phone and tap Saved > Maps.

  • What is the maximum number of pins you can drop on Google Maps?

    When you use Google Maps to create a custom map, you can have a total of 10 layers per map and 2,000 pins or places per layer.

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