13 Driver Download Websites Reviewed

A list of popular driver download websites

Driver download websites are popular sources for downloading drivers. The sites make downloading drivers easy by providing a single place to download drivers for many kinds of hardware.

Some driver download websites link to drivers on other websites while many provide drivers on their own servers for download. Either way, they're all great resources for driver downloads especially if you're looking to download drivers for older hardware.


The best way to download a driver is directly from the manufacturer so always try that first before downloading drivers from a driver download website. If neither methods are working for you, consider using a free driver updater tool.

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CNET Networks: Download.com Driver Downloads
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What We Like

  • Searching for and downloading drivers is very easy

  • Has a huge selection of hard to find drivers and is good at keeping their driver inventory up to date

  • Unless you're looking for a rare driver, finding and downloading drivers yourself is very easy

What We Don't Like

  • You're forced to register before you can download drivers which involves multiple questions and "sponsored" offer pages

  • Free accounts are limited in access to the site and to the number of driver downloads that can be made

  • More costly "Plus" and "Pro" memberships give greater access to driver downloads

DriverGuide.com is one of the oldest driver download websites. They advertise a catalog of nearly half a million drivers and firmware files.

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Download.com: Device Drivers

What We Like

  • Downloading drivers from Download.com is easy: drivers are organized by device type and no registration is required to download drivers, unlike many other driver download websites

  • Download.com stands out as a driver download website because they've been a trusted source for software downloads for years

What We Don't Like

  • A lot of software shows up when looking through the listing of downloadable drivers - probably an attempt to advertise certain programs

  • Most drivers available for download are for newer hardware. If you need to download drivers for older hardware, you'll probably have to try another driver download website

Download.com is one of the most popular driver download (and software download) websites on the internet.

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TechSpot: Drivers

What We Like

  • Finding the driver you want to download is easy and no registration is needed

  • Like most driver download sites, drivers are organized by type of device

  • Drivers are downloaded direct from the manufacturer so they should be trustworthy

What We Don't Like

  • During my driver download testing, several of the hardware categories had not been recently updated

  • The newest driver available for download in one category was over six months old

  • Since the drivers available here are just direct links to drivers on manufacturer sites, we recommend searching for the hardware manufacturer yourself and downloading the most up to date driver

TechSpot.com is a technology website offering forums,

, and more, in addition to driver downloads.

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What We Like

  • There's no registration required to download drivers from DriversBay.com and like many other driver download sites, the drivers are organized by hardware making them easy to locate

  • A big plus at DriversBay.com is the wide range of operating systems that they provide drivers for, something most other driver download websites lack

What We Don't Like

  • The biggest issue with DriversBay.com is the small selection of drivers

  • With so few options you may be better off using another driver download website with a bigger driver catalog

DriversBay.com is your standard driver download website. Many drivers are downloaded from DriversBay.com while others are made available for download from the hardware manufacturer's site.

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DriverPack Solution

What We Like

  • It's a breeze to search for drivers by name or DeviceID at DriverPack Solution

  • You can browse for drivers by device type (network card, webcam, sound card, etc.) or laptop (Sony, Dell, Samsung, etc.)

  • You don't need a user account in order to get them; just find the version you need and then hit the download button to save it to your computer

  • Most of them aren't even in an archive format, meaning you can just double-click the file once it's downloaded, and start installing it

What We Don't Like

  • The driver download links I tried were not directly from the driver manufacturers. It's not a huge concern but we would feel more comfortable knowing that they were directly from the companies that released the driver

DriverPack Solution has an online catalog of free driver downloads. They're actually the same drivers you can download through their


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Soft32.com: Drivers

What We Like

  • Finding drivers at Soft32.com is easy and no registration is required

  • Like other driver download sites, it's organized by device and then you look for the actual driver you wish to download

  • Direct links to drivers at manufacturer websites ensure that you're downloading the latest drivers available

What We Don't Like

  • Many of the links to manufacturer sites were either dead, linked to non-driver pages, or even linked to the wrong website

  • We recommend skipping this driver download site and searching for the hardware manufacturer yourself

Soft32.com is a software download website that also provides driver downloads. Soft32.com links to drivers at the manufacturer's website instead of providing drivers for download themselves.

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What We Like

  • No registration is necessary here and drivers are easy to find for download

  • Like most other driver download sites, DriverZone.com is organized by type of hardware making things easy to find

What We Don't Like

  • A big "download" button makes you think you're actually downloading a driver so when you're sometimes linked to a manufacturer's main website, it can be a bit confusing

  • We also found several download links that went nowhere meaning the drivers available for download here are not kept up to date

DriverZone.com is a dedicated driver download website. Some drivers are actually downloaded from DriverZone.com while other links that appear to be driver downloads simply send you to the manufacturer's support site.

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What We Like

  • No registration is required to download drivers

  • Navigating around their website is very easy

What We Don't Like

  • Most of the driver downloads link directly to the driver file on the manufacturer site so it's hard to tell if you're downloading the latest driver or just an old one that's still available for download. We suggest that you skip this driver download site and search for the hardware manufacturer yourself. That way, you can make sure you're downloading the very latest driver release from the manufacturer.

Softpedia.com is a software download website that also provides driver downloads, exactly like Soft32.com. Softpedia.com links to drivers at the manufacturer's website instead of providing drivers for download from their own website.

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What We Like

  • You don't have to have a user account to use NoDevice.com

  • The drivers are downloaded directly from the website, which means you don't need to leave NoDevice.com

  • The drivers are conveniently organized by manufacturer and category.

What We Don't Like

  • There's a fake download button on each download page (be sure to use the blue one to get your driver)

  • You have to confirm you're not a robot before each download, which can be annoying if you're getting several drivers

  • Since any driver here isn't linked to its manufacturer's website, you can't be 100% sure that it's the latest release

NoDevice.com is another free driver download website that supports a wide variety of devices.

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What We Like

  • No registration is required at SoftwareDriverDownload.com but the third party download site that hosts their files may require registration before you can download drivers

What We Don't Like

  • SoftwareDriverDownload.com has a small driver selection compared to most driver download websites

  • Unlike most other driver sites, SoftwareDriverDownload.com is difficult to navigate. Drivers are organized by hardware category but the categories are inconveniently listed near the bottom of the page and the driver results are not organized at all. Skip this site unless you're in need for a driver you haven't been able to find somewhere else.

SoftwareDriverDownload.com is a small driver download website that doesn't seem to update often.

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Driver Scape

What We Like

  • Lots of driver downloads available

  • Provides three ways to find drivers

  • It's easy to see if the driver will work on your computer

  • User registration is not required

What We Don't Like

  • Not all drivers show the release date

Driver Scape is a solid driver download site that's easy to use and provides drivers from many manufacturers. The website itself is easy to navigate and use by anyone.

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What We Like

  • Nothing good here. Skip this website if you actually want to download drivers.

What We Don't Like

  • DriversKit.com does not offer drivers for download. Every page that appears to be a link to a specific driver is really a link to a download of Driver Updater Pro, a software program you have to pay for that downloads and updates drivers for you. Finding and downloading any drivers you might need is a very easy thing to do yourself. You should never have to pay money to download or update drivers.

DriversKit.com is not a real driver download website. We've listed this website anyway because it appears like a legitimate driver download website and we'd like to help readers avoid it.

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What We Like

  • Nothing

What We Don't Like

  • You will not find any driver you're looking for at DriverFiles.net

  • Every single link to download a driver instead links you to a download of Driver Detective, a software program you have to pay to use. You should never have to pay to download or update drivers

DriverFiles.net is not actually a driver download website. I list DriverFiles.net here because it

as a driver download website and I'd like to use this opportunity to debunk it.

Know of Another Driver Download Website?

A lot of driver download websites exist so I certainly could have missed one.

If I have, or if any of the information about one of these driver sites needs

updated, please let me know. I'd like this to be a complete list of driver download sites and with your help it could be!