Dragon Quest Tips and Tricks

The original Dragon Quest has now joined the ranks of other excellent iOS JRPGs, and if it's your first, you may well find yourself wondering where to go, who to talk to, and how to proceed. It's certainly a throwback, but that's why we're here to lend a hand. Check out our tips and tricks below and get your adventuring on!

Always be prepared for random battles. 

There are tons of random battles that you'll be forced into completing if you want to make any headway.

Running is not an option, especially given the higher difficulty later in the game. You'll want to earn as much as experience as possible if you want to make it to the end of the game. These old-school titles are rife with these types of battles, so get used to them early while the enemies are still easy. 

Be mindful of your terrain.

Different types of terrain mean different types of enemies. In some cases, it also means that you're going to take some damage. Be mindful of these areas. In order, the least encounters per area to most: grass, forest, swamp, barrier, desert, brick, and hill. 

The game is quite open-ended, but don't go out blindly exploring. 

Try to stick to areas you know that you need to visit to advance the story, because if you wander too far you'll find yourself in territory that you don't need to be in, such as an area rife with difficult bosses, enemies, and items you can't get to just yet.

Make sure you steer clear of these areas and don't save your game if you get caught there. Try and go back to somewhere safe first, and if you must save, continue from there. 

Keep an eye on your MP, as it's just as important as your HP. 

Your MP governs the magic points you'll need in order to cast spells.

If you run out of MP, make sure to replenish it in order to continue casting special attacks such as Hurt, Stopspell, Sleep, and other healing spells. Physical attacks can only get you so far. 

Never select cursed items in your inventory to use them. 

Cursed items will imbue you with a curse if you equip them. Rather than taking a chance on becoming cursed, sell these items at a tool shop and reap their monetary awards. This way you can earn additional 

When you're done with this game, think about tackling the next one in the series, Dragon Quest II. Dragon Quest II may be viewed as one of the more awkward stages for the series, but as an iOS RPG it's an excellent option. It's a massive change in the familiar formula already established in the last game, and while it's finding its footing was a little difficult for the game when it first released, it's the perfect mobile adventure otherwise, with a few snags due to its age. It's still very much worth picking up, however.