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The use of cheat codes for the role-playing video game, Dragon Age: Origins, requires the use of a command line parameter and editing of a game file. As such, it is highly recommended that you first make a backup of any files before you edit them.

Make a Shortcut on Your Desktop

The first thing you need to do is to make a shortcut to the game's main daorigins.exe file (Dragon Age/bin_ship/daorigins.exe) and add the command line parameter -enabledeveloperconsole. If you have trouble locating this file you may need to turn on viewing hidden files within your operating system.

Edit File: keybindings.ini Now navigate to the keybindings.ini file (My Documents/BioWare/Dragon Age/ Settings/) and make the following changes. 

Find the line: "OpenConsole_0=Keyboard::Button_X"

Change the X to Another button, like so: "OpenConsole_0=Keyboard::Button_Q"

Regarding the above code, it has been reported that this works by dropping the 0 in the code after the OpenConsole_, therefor the code would read "OpenConsole_=Keyboard::Button_Q". 

Save the file and begin the game with the shortcut you created earlier. While in the game, press the key that you assigned in the .ini file (in our example it was the Q button), then enter in one of the following codes.

This has been tested on the retail version of the game, not the Steam version. Also, you may not see the cheat console or what you are typing; this is normal. Continue entering the code and they should work as described.

Steam Cheats Update

The shortcut Steam gives you is not the same as the .exe needed to add the command line. The keybinding file is the same.

In Steam's case the path is: Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/dragon age origins/bin_ship --- this .exe will work fine with steam as well.

The key you set in the keybindings file for console DOES NOT WORK in Steam, instead it is automatically assigned to ~ (tilde) though and works. The keybindings file will keep resetting the Openconsole line to (unassigned). It shouldn't even be necessary to change the keybindings file since the ~ tilde button is universal for console access in Steam.

The cheats work fine though other than that minor detail.

Cheat Codes

Add party member by name. Cheat code: runscript zz_addparty NPCname

Add to a companion approval rating, X = companion, YY = Amount. Cheat code: runscript zz_addapproval X YY

Adds the talent or spell corresponding to the number to your character. Cheat code: runscript addtalent [number]

Allows player to break the party companion limit. Cheat code: runscript zz_addparty

God Mode. (You will still take damage, but will not die.) Cheat code: runscript pc_immortal

Heals player/party. Cheat code: runscript healplayer

Kills all hostile creatures in area. Cheat code: runscript killallhostiles

Origin screen. Cheat code: runscript chargen

Party select screen. Cheat code: runscript selectparty

Removes entire party. Cheat code: runscript zz_dropparty

Talk to nearest NPC. Cheat code: runscript zz_talk_nearest

Teleports player and party to Duncan's fire in Ostagar. Cheat code: runscript zz_pre_strategy

Teleports player and party to Ostagar. Cheat code: runscript zz_pre_demo2

Turns off AI. Cheat code: runscript ai off

X is the amount of Copper you wish to add. 1000 is 1 Gold. Cheat code: runscript zz_money X

X is the amount of XP you wish to add. Cheat code: runscript addxp X

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