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University of Bath


Microsoft Office

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  • Productivity expert and smartphone user since 2000.
  • has been a leading source of information for quality engineering since 2002.
  • Articles have appeared in,,, and many other publications.
  • Technical reports for companies including Rolls-Royce and Airbus.
  • Published in scientific journals and Government reports.


Dr. Jody Muelaner is a former Lifewire writer and a technology author specializing in productivity, manufacturing, and design. His productivity articles focus on MS Office and mobile applications.

Jody has written technical reports for companies including Rolls-Royce and Airbus and has been published in peer-reviewed journals and U.K. government reports. He also regularly contributes to,, and He has published over 70 articles in print and online publications and was awarded the Sage Best Paper Award in 2010.

Jody is a chartered mechanical engineer and has worked in machine design and R&D for aerospace manufacturing.

Jody has been a keen smartphone user since 2000; his first ever mobile phone was the Ericsson R380, the first phone to be described as a ‘smartphone’. He's passionate about being able to efficiently record, access, and organize information at any time.


Jody gained his City and Guilds vocational qualification in computer-aided design in 1998. He then went on to study for a master’s degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Bath, followed by a Ph.D., also in mechanical engineering, completed in 2011.

A Message from Jody Emlyn Muelaner

 If you can’t make it simple, you don’t fully understand it.

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