Download Ringtones: Step-by-Step Visual Tutorial

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Step One: Navigate to Your Content

Download Ringtones: Step One
Download Ringtones: Step One. Image created by Adam Fendelman for

Sure, ringtones are all the rage today, but how exactly do you select, buy, transfer and then use them on your cell phone? This visual guide is your step-by-step answer. Ready? Class is now in session. Your first step is to identify your cell phone’s content library.

The cell phone used in this tutorial is a Samsung Upstage for Sprint. On the Upstage, “My Content” is what you need from its main menu.

You should find something similar on other devices.

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Step Two: Navigate to Your Ringers

Download Ringtones: Step Two
Download Ringtones: Step Two. Image created by Adam Fendelman for

Next, navigate to your ringer content. Having fun yet? 

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Step Three: Get New Ringers

Download Ringtones: Step Three
Download Ringtones: Step Three. Image created by Adam Fendelman for

This is easier than you may have thought, eh? Now select new ringer content. This requires your cell phone to go online. Depending on your cell phone service plan, you may incur data charges for surfing the Web.

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Step Four: Browse Featured Ringers

Download Ringtones: Step Four
Download Ringtones: Step Four. Image created by Adam Fendelman for

You’re online! What you see here will vary depending on your cell phone service carrier. Sprint is used in this example.

Your first ringtone screen will likely display featured ringtone content. This begins your search for the ringtone of your choice.

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Step Five: Browse Ringtone Categories

Download Ringtones: Step Five
Download Ringtones: Step Five. Image created by Adam Fendelman for

In addition to selecting from featured ringtones, you can likely also choose from various ringtone categories spanning several musical genres. 

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Step Six: Search Ringtones

Download Ringtones: Step Six
Download Ringtones: Step Six. Image created by Adam Fendelman for

In addition to choosing a ringtone while inside a musical genre, you will also likely be able to search for a ringtone by artist. 

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Step Seven: Purchase Ringtone

Download Ringtones: Step Seven
Download Ringtones: Step Seven. Image created by Adam Fendelman for

Yes, it’s that time! Your digital wallet now beckons you. While some ringtones can be downloaded for free, many require payment. These fees can range in price from 99 cents to a few dollars.

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Step Eight: Download Ringtone

Download Ringtones: Step Eight
Download Ringtones: Step Eight. Image created by Adam Fendelman for

Once you agree to a price, it’s time to download your musical goodie! The ringtone will be relatively small in size and should download in a matter of seconds to your cell phone. 

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Step Nine: Act on Ringtone

Download Ringtones: Step Nine
Download Ringtones: Step Nine. Image created by Adam Fendelman for

Congratulations! The dream ringtone you selected is now yours. It’s now time to do something with it. While you can listen to it right away, you’ll more likely want to “set” it to play when a particular action occurs.

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Step Ten: Assign Ringtone

Download Ringtones: Step Ten
Download Ringtones: Step Ten. Image created by Adam Fendelman for

Most phones will allow you to set your newly downloaded ringtone to play when a particular kind of call occurs or when a certain person calls. You can often play your ringtone as an alarm, schedule item or message notifier, too.

Now that you’re a ringtone-downloading expert, do you want some suggestions on quality Web sites to consider for your ringtone dollar? This guide is for you.