Downloading Multiple Songs From Your Amazon Music Library

Download song purchases without using Amazon's music app

Downloading Music From Amazon Cloud Player
Mark Harris

If you've got a lot of songs in Amazon's Cloud Player that you've either purchased from the Amazon Music store or uploaded, then you may want to download them.

But, what's the best way to do it?

You could use the Amazon Music app for PC and Mac, but that means installing even more software on your machine. Granted, the app is useful for uploading too, but if all you want to do is download music so you can sync it to your portable media player or smartphone, then why not just use your Web browser instead?

You don't have to use any special software in order to download music stored in your Amazon cloud space. And, if you are downloading multiple songs all at the same time, Cloud Player will even package them all up for you in one neat Zip file. This archive format is supported by Windows and Mac OS X as standard so you'll have no trouble extracting all your songs once you've downloaded the package.

Getting to Your Music Library in Amazon Cloud Player

If you know how to get to your music library you can skip this part of the guide.

  1. On Amazon's main page, hover the mouse pointer over the Your Account menu tab.
  2. Click on the Your Music Library option.
  3. Enter your log in details and then click the Sign In button.   

Downloading Multiple Songs in a Zip Archive

  1. To see a list of music tracks stored in Cloud Player, click the Songs menu in the left pane.
  2. Click the check box next to each song to select it for downloading. If you want to download all songs then click the check box at the top of the column.
  1. To save the songs as a Zip file, click the Download button.
  2. If a pop-up message appears asking if you want to get the Amazon Music app, click no thanks, just download music files directly.    
  3. If you haven't downloaded music to your computer before you'll get another screen asking you to authorize the device. Type in an ID for your computer (or go with the default name) and then click the Authorize Device button.
  1. After a few seconds you will be able to download all the songs you've selected as a Zip archive.

Downloading Single Songs

  1. To download a single song, hover the mouse pointer over one and click the small down-arrow.
  2. This will reveal a sub-menu where you can click Download.
  3. After a short while you'll be able to download the track as an MP3.

Downloading Albums

  1. The best way to download all the songs in an album is to first click on the Albums menu in the left pane.
  2. Find the album you're interested in and hover the mouse pointer over it.
  3. Click on the down-arrow that appears.
  4. Click the Download option and wait for the file to become available as a Zip file.
  5. Save as normal to your computer.