Download YouTube Videos to Use in PowerPoint Presentations

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While it is faster to simply link to a YouTube video that will play in your PowerPoint presentation, the down side of this is that you must have a live internet connection for the YouTube video to play. Rather than depend on this outside variable that may or may not work for you when it is your time in the spotlight, instead it is a better practice to embed the YouTube video right into your PowerPoint presentation. No internet connection needed.

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Save YouTube videos to your computer

Free YouTube Converter program by

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It is a two-step process to embed a YouTube video in your PowerPoint presentation. You must first download the YouTube video and then convert it to a Flash movie to use it in PowerPoint. This free tool does everything you need and much more.

Download from Select the following programs from the list.

  1. Free YouTube Download
  2. Free Video to Flash Converter
  3. Install the programs. A new shortcut will appear on your desktop, called Free Studio Manager. This is the complete interface for the suite of programs that are available from You may install any of these other programs as well, by simply clicking on the appropriate link.
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Download the YouTube Video to use in PowerPoint

Download YouTube videos

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Free Studio Manager Program

  1. Using the desktop shortcut, or the Start menu, start the program Free Studio Manager.
  2. Select the YouTube option at the top of the dialog box.
  3. Click on Download YouTube video

Alternatively, you may select option 13 (YouTube Download) in the list of Applications on the left navigation bar.

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YouTube Download Wizard

Free YouTube video downloads

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The YouTube download wizard starts. You may click the link to check for updates to the software. Otherwise, click on the Continue button to proceed.

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Copy the YouTube URL from the YouTube website

Copy YouTube video URL
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  1. Minimize the YouTube Download Wizard for a moment.
  2. Open the YouTube website to the video you wish to download.
  3. Copy the URL (web address) of the YouTube video to the clipboard, in preparation for the next step.
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Final steps for YouTube video download

Download YouTube video and save to a folder on your computer
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1. Paste the URL of the YouTube video in the Input YouTube URL text box.

2. A file path and default file name will be entered in the Output to: text box. If necessary, click the Browse... button to select a different folder to save the YouTube video. Type a new file name for the video if desired.

The program will automatically add an extension of .AVI to the file name. This is only one of many file types that this program can handle. Other programs favor the .FLV file extension and you can choose that if you wish.

3. Click the Download button to proceed. The speed of the download will vary depending on the size of the YouTube video. Once the download is complete you will find the new video file located in the folder you selected in the previous step.

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Convert YouTube videos to Flash to use in PowerPoint

Convert YouTube Video to Flash
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Once you have saved the YouTube video to your own computer, it is still not in a usable format to be embedded into PowerPoint. The same program suite Free Studio Manager from, will convert the downloaded YouTube video to a SWF file, which is the format native to Adobe Flash. The added bonus​ is that videos in a Flash format are relatively small in file size.

  1. Open the Free Studio Manager if it is not already open.
    Select Option 7 in the list of Applications - Video to Flash Converter
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The Free Video to Flash Converter

Convert YouTube Video to Flash
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Once the Free Video to Flash Converter starts, you have the option to check your version for updates. If you do not wish to check for updates then click the Continue button.

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Convert the YouTube video to Flash

Convert YouTube video file to Flash format
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Convert to SWF File Format

In the Free Video to Flash Converter dialog box make the following entries:

1. Click the Browse... button beside the Input Video file: text box and locate the YouTube video file you downloaded in the earlier steps.

2. By default, the program will complete the Output Video file text box, using the same file folder as above and adding on a generic file name. Browse to a different folder if you choose. Replace the filename with one of your own choosing, if you want something different than the generic file name applied.

3. Using the Formats drop down list, make sure to select SWF as the file type. This will add the SWF file extension (the Adobe Flash file format) to the end of the file name you added in the step above.

  • Optional: Click the Trim video... button to select a specific portion of the YouTube video to convert, if you wish.
  • By default, the box is checked beside Show HTML example file after conversion. This will save your converted video also as an HTML​ file, and will open a browser window showing the video. You may choose to skip this step by removing the checkmark.

4. Click the Convert button.

The conversion time will vary depending on the size of the original YouTube video.

5. Click the Output folder to locate the SWF file or click Close to end the session.

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