Apple Watch Apps to Get Started Using Your Apple Watch

Apple Watch App Close on wrist

bombuscreative / Getty Images

You’ve just purchased a brand new Apple Watch. Now what? There are tons of apps available right now for the wearable, with offerings from a number of same companies who create the iPhone apps that you already know and love.

Do a quick search through the App Store for some of your favorites, and you’re likely to find Apple Watch equivalents. If you’re still looking for some suggestions, here are a few apps that do a particularly good job of working on the Apple Watch and are definitely worth a look and a download.

Weather Nerd

Once you try out Weather Nerd you’re likely to not look at other weather apps the same ever again. The app is powered by the (awesome) iPhone app Dark Sky and provides detailed information about the weather where you are. The app includes three different panes: one to show you what the weather is like today, one for this week, and one that drills things down to the hour so you can plan out the rest of your afternoon.

Nike+ Running

Runners will love Nike’s Nike+ Running app. The app tracks each of your runs, and helps you train for things like 5ks or marathons. Similar to Nike’s iPhone app, the Apple Watch app will track the location of your run on a map, and provide information about your run such as the total distance you traveled, amount of time you were running, and how many calories you burned along the way. You can also look back at your last runs and see how this one compares, and see Cheers from friends while you’re out on the road. 


If you’re planning a summer vacation, then the TripAdvisor app is a must-have. The app offers suggestions on places to stay where you are as well as suggestions on where to eat or activities nearby you might find interesting. Each listing has images as well as reviews available. If you see something you like, then you can also see the destination’s address and use maps to navigate there.

Spy Watch

Ever want to be part of an international spy organization? Yeah, we thought so. Spy Watch is a role-playing game that works sort of like a choose your own adventure book. Throughout the day you’ll be presented with a number of different tasks on your wrist where you have to choose between two possible actions. What you choose will determine what happens next in the game.

Find Near Me

Need an ATM? In a new town and really need a massage? Find Near Me helps you find things near you. The app can help you quickly and easily navigate to the nearest bank, gas station, bar or Wi-Fi hotspot. The Apple Watch app allows you to search for things and then get walking, biking, or cycling directions to your destination.

Trivia Crack

If you use Facebook and have any friends at all, chances are one of them has tried to lure you into the addicting game that is Trivia Crack. The game’s Apple Watch version allows you to answer questions on your wrist as well as spin the wheel. Unfortunately, games have to be started on your iPhone before you can play the pint-sized version, but it can make keeping up with a fast-playing game much easier.