How to Download Remote Images in an Outlook Email

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Dustin Gaffke/CC BY 2.0 license

You can download images in emails even when you have set up Outlook not to do so automatically for privacy reasons.

Can You Get Privacy by Default and Pictures on Demand?

If you have set up Outlook so that it does not download images automatically when you open or preview an email, you are safe from privacy infringement and a few potential security problems.

This self-restraint also means some emails—most probably your cherished newsletters—will not look like the sender intended them to appear, though. Without pictures, these messages will be hard to read, and you may even miss essential information.

Fortunately, it is easy to make Outlook fetch all the images in a message after you have verified it comes from a trusted source.

Download Remote Images in an Email in Outlook

To have Outlook download remote images in an email:

  1. Click on the bar inserted just above the email's content that says Click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of some pictures in this message...
  2. Select Download Pictures from the menu that has appeared.

Download Remote Images in an Email in Outlook for Mac

To fetch images in a message using Outlook for Mac:

  1. Click Download pictures in the bar just atop the message content that says To protect your privacy, some pictures in this message were not downloaded...

What Happens When You Click 'Download Pictures'?

This lets Outlook download the pictures in this email.

The images are cached on the computer, so you do not have to manually download them again if you re-visit the message later. If you get a new message from the same sender, you have to go through the procedure described above again, though.

(Tested with Outlook 2016 on Windows and Outlook 2016 for Mac )