How to Download Music to Your iPad

Man downloading music to his iPad

Georgijevic/Getty Images

Syncing music, movies, apps, and other content to the iPad can be as simple as plugging a cable into the dock connector at the bottom of the iPad and the other end into a USB port on your computer and letting the data download. But, if you want to have more control over the downloading music to your iPad, you need to familiarize yourself with the options for syncing music.

Options For Syncing Music on Your iPad

When you sync your iPad, a management screen will appear that has a number of tabs across the top. One of these tabs is "Music" — this is where you change the settings that download music to the iPad. The options include:

  • Sync Music - If you uncheck this, no music will be downloaded to your iPad. Keep it checked to be able to choose what music you'll carry with you.
  • Sync Entire Library does exactly what it sounds like it should. This only works if your iPad's storage is bigger than your library, of course. If not, you'll get some, but not all, of your music.
  • Sync Selected playlists, artists, and genres let you decide what music gets downloaded to your iPad.
    • If you choose this option, iTunes will download only certain music to your iPad. Sync playlists by checking the boxes on the left or all music by particular artists by checking the boxes on the right. Sync all music in a particular genre by clicking the boxes at the bottom.
  • Include music videos syncs them to your iPod if you have any.
  • Include voice memos syncs voice recordings to your iPad.
  • Automatically fill free space with songs fills unused storage on your iPad with music that you haven't already told iTunes to sync.

Once you've made all your changes, save them and download music using the new settings to your iPad by clicking the Apply button in the bottom right corner of the iTunes window.