Where to Download Manuals for All iPod Nano Models

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You won't find a printed manual in the box that your iPod nano comes in. In our digital age, it's more and more common to not get printed manuals for our products. But that doesn't mean that Apple doesn't make manuals for the nano. It just doesn't print them anymore. The company makes these manuals available as downloadable PDFs on its site. Here's your guide to identifying which model you have and the getting the correct manual for your nano.

7th Generation iPod nano
7th Generation iPod nano. image copyright Apple Inc.

The 7th generation nano is distinguished from its predecessors by its larger, multitouch screen, the Lightning dock connector, its thin body, and support for under-the-hood features like Bluetooth streaming. The link above takes you to an article that describes the 7th gen. nano is more detail. Once you know if this is the model you've got or not, you can:

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    The 6th generation iPod nano is pretty easy to identify. It's the only nano model with its square shape and matchbook size. Besides that, it sports a clip on the back, a touchscreen and removes the clickwheel and video camera that the 5th generation model offered. Once you know if that's the model you've got or not:

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    The 5th generation iPod nano looks pretty similar to the 4th gen. model from the outside. While their cases are reasonably similar, the 5th sets itself apart thanks to its inclusion of a video camera on the bottom of its back side, 16GB maximum capacity, and an FM tuner, among other features. Once you know if you've got the 5th gen. model or not:

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      4th Gen. iPod nano
      4th Gen. iPod nano. image credit: Apple Inc.

      It's easiest to identify the 4th gen. iPod nano based on what it doesn't have, rather than what it does. Since the 4th and 5th gen. models look so similar, the key way to tell them apart is to look for the video camera lens on the backside. If there's no lens, you've got the 4th generation nano. It also has a slightly smaller screen than the 5th gen., but that's difficult to see easily. Once you know that you've got this model:

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        3rd Generation Apple iPod nano
        image copyright Apple inc.

        The 3rd Generation iPod nano is easily identified due to its square shape, thin body, and bright colors. While the 6th gen. is also square, the 3rd gen. model is bigger and thinner and sports a Clickwheel. It's also the first nano that could play video. Once you know if that's the model you've got or not:

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          2nd Gen. iPod nano
          2nd Gen. iPod nano. image credit: Apple Inc.

          The 2nd Generation iPo nano looks reasonably similar to the original model, with one big difference: color. The 2nd gen. models were the first to come in colors other than black or white. If you've got a narrow, tall nano in a color other than black or white, chances are pretty high it's a 2nd gen. model. Once you know if that's the model you've got or not:

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            The 1st Generation iPod nano is tall and narrow and comes in black or white. It's a little boxier than the 2nd gen. model. Once you've determined that you've got a 1st gen. model:

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