Where to Download iTunes for 64-Bit Windows

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Running a 64-bit operating system on your computer has a lot of benefits. Most importantly, it enables your computer to process data in 64-bit chunks, rather than the standard 32 bits, which leads to better performance. To take full advantage of your more-efficient software, though, you need to get 64-bit versions of your programs (assuming they exist; not all developers support 64-bit processing).

If you're running a 64-bit version of Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista, the standard version of iTunes that you download from Apple's site won't give you the benefits you want. Standard iTunes is 32-bit. You need to download the 64-bit version of iTunes.

Here are links to some of the recent 64-bit versions of iTunes, sorted by operating system compatibility.

iTunes Versions Compatible With 64-bit Editions of Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10

There are other versions of 64-bit iTunes for Windows, but not all of them are available as downloads directly from Apple. If you need other, older versions, check OldApps.com, a site that hosts old versions of software that the original makers don't provide anymore.

Apple never released a version of iTunes that was compatible with the 64-bit edition of Windows XP Pro. While you might be able to install iTunes 9.1.1 on Windows XP Pro, some features — including burning CDs and DVDs — may not work. Keep that in mind before installing it.

What About 64-Bit Versions of iTunes for Mac?

There's no need to install a special version of iTunes on the Mac. Every version of iTunes for the Mac has been 64-bit since iTunes 10.4, which was released way back in 2011.