Where to Download iPod touch Manuals for Every Model

iPod touch manuals


There's no iPod touch manual included in the small plastic box that the device comes in when you but it. But that doesn't mean that there are no iPod touch manuals.

These days, it's pretty rare to get hardcopy, physical versions of things that can be delivered digitally. Just like more people stream music than buy CDs and more people download software than get it on disc, there are also fewer and fewer printed user manuals for consumer electronics. Instead, companies offer downloadable PDFs for us to consult when we need them.

That's the case with Apple's iPod touch. The iPod touch only comes with a few slight pages of documentation. Apple offers iPod touch manuals at its website for every version of the iOS that the touch can run, as well as some additional information. So, whatever model of touch you have and what OS version you're using, you'll find the manual for it below.

iPod touch User Guide for iOS

iPod touch user guide screenshot

These manuals provide overall instructions for using the iPod touch, with instructions and details specific to the version of the iOS noted below.

Other iOS-Related Downloads

  • iOS Deployment Reference​​ - Web
  • iPod touch features guide - PDF

For recent versions of these manuals, Apple no longer offers manuals as PDFs. It has replaced them with Apple Books documents. The Apple Books app comes pre-loaded on iOS devices and Macs, so you can download those documents and open them in the app without getting any new software.

Model-Specific iPod touch Documentation

Apple also provides documentation specific to a number of different models of the iPod touch. Most of the information you want is in the iOS guides from the last section, but these PDFs include some additional legal and regulatory detail about each recent model.

7th Gen. iPod touch Manual

7th Generation iPod touch

6th Gen. iPod touch Manual

6th generation iPod touch
image copyright Apple Inc.

5th Gen. iPod touch Manual

5th gen ipod touch
5th Gen. iPod touch. image copyright Apple Inc.

4th Gen. iPod touch Manual

4th Gen. iPod touch
image credit: Apple Inc.

Other iPod touch Tips and Tricks

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