How to Download an Image From Google Docs

Download the web page, or use Publish to Web

What to Know

  • Right-click the image, View more actions > Save to Keep. Open the new note in Google Keep, right-click to save it.
  • For full-resolution downloads, go to File > Download > Web Page. Unzip the download to find all the photos.
  • Or, go to File > Share > Publish to web. Open the provided link, and right-click an image to save it.

This article describes the three best ways to download images from Google Docs using a computer.

Copy the Image to Google Keep

The closest option to a built-in method for saving Google Docs images to your computer is to use the Google Keep note-taking website as a middleman. This is the quickest technique and is great if you need just an image or two.

  1. Right-click an image you want to save, and go to View more actions > Save to Keep.

    Google Docs Save to Keep option highlighted
  2. From the image's three-dot menu in the Keep sidebar, choose Open in Keep.

    Google Docs open in keep option highlighted

    You could instead right-click the image as you see it there, and save it, but it won't be the full-size image.

  3. With Google Keep now open, right-click the photo and pick the save option. If you don't care to keep this note, feel free to delete it now.

    Google Keep save image as option highlighted

Download the Doc as a Web Page

Google Docs lets you export the whole document as an HTML file, all pictures included. This method is ideal if you need the original quality photos or if you need to save several images at once.

To do this, go to File > Download > Web Page (.html, zipped). Extract the contents out of the ZIP file once it's on your computer, and open the images folder to find all the pictures. From there, you can copy them elsewhere as you would any file.

Google Docs image export folder

Publish the Document to the Web

This will make the document more like a traditional web page so you can easily save the pictures like you can on any website.

  1. Go to File > Share > Publish to web.

  2. Choose Publish from the pop-up window, and then OK when you're asked to confirm.

    Google Docs publish to the web options with Publish and OK highighted
  3. Copy the URL from the Link box, and open it in a new tab.

  4. Right-click the image you want to download and save it as you would from any website. For example, in Chrome, select Save image as.

    Published Google Docs image with Save Image As highlighted

    To reverse these steps so that not just anyone can access the document, return to Google Docs pop-up window in Step 3, and select Published content & settings > Stop publishing > OK.

Other Ways to Download Images From Google Docs

Unfortunately, Google doesn't provide any intuitive or really quick methods for downloading images from a document. That said, the methods explained above are not your only options; they're just the only ones built-in to Docs.

You might've noticed that when you right-click a picture, there's a Copy option. This isn't the same as 'save as,' but if you also have Microsoft Word on your computer, the two can work together quite well to save the picture to your computer.

Just paste the image into a Word document, right-click it, and choose Save as Picture. Or, to do this in bulk, download the Google document as a DOCX file, and then open that file in Word.

If you don't have Word or you want a more streamlined approach, the Images Extractor & Remover add-on works, too.

The final suggestion we have is to use Google Lens. In Chrome, hold Shift, right-click anywhere on the page, and select Search images with Google Lens. From there, highlight the photo, and browse the results in the sidebar.

Google Docs image search with Google Lens

Lens relies on a visual match versus saving the original image from the document, so it will find a match only if a lookalike is publicly available elsewhere online.

  • How do I search an image on Google?

    To search an image on Google, launch Google, type a keyword or phrase into the search field, and select Enter or Return. Select Images in the horizontal menu beneath the search field. Alternatively, go to in a browser and conduct your search.

  • How do I reverse a Google image search?

    To use Google's reverse image search, go to in a browser and locate the image file on your device. Drag and drop the file into the Google Images search page. Your results will appear in a Google search page.

  • How do I save an image from Google?

    To save pictures from Google, right-click an image in your Google search results and choose Save Image As. Select a file location, name the file, and select Save. If you're signed in to Google, you'll have the option to save the image to Google Collections.

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