How to Download Games on Android Tablets

Learn how to install games on your tablet

What to Know

  • In the Google Play app, tap Games, choose a game, and then tap Install.
  • Use the Google Play Games app to play games for free without downloading them on your device.
  • On a computer, go to the Google Play store site, find and select a game, select Install, and then choose a device.

This article explains how to download games on an Android tablet. The instructions apply to all versions of Android and all manufacturers.

Can You Download Games to a Tablet?

You can play games on any Android device, but not all games are supported on tablets. Games and apps that require a cellular connection, such as Pokémon Go, are not available for Android tablets. Also, some games only work with specific versions of Android. Games that are incompatible with your device will not show up when you search the Google Play store.

Many games can be downloaded for free, and some of them offer in-app purchases. Other games must be purchased upfront. If you want to play a game from outside of the Google Play Store, you can sideload apps on Android. However, sideloading comes with risks, and there's no guarantee the game will work.

The Google Play Games app (not to be confused with the Google Play app) has games you can play for free without downloading them on your device. Google Play Games comes preloaded on all Android devices.

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How Do I Download Games onto My Android Tablet?

You can download games on Android from the Google Play Store, which comes preloaded on all Android devices:

  1. Open the Google Play app.

  2. Tap Games.

  3. Browse the different categories, or tap the search bar to look up a title.

    Google Play app, Games, and Search bar in Google Play Store on Android device.
  4. Tap the game you want to download.

  5. Tap Install (for free games) or tap the price to purchase it. The game will automatically download and install.

  6. Tap Play to open the game, or close the Play Store and find the game in your apps.

    Sonic Dash, Install, and Play in the Google Play Store on Android device.

Download Android Games on Your Computer

You can also download Android games from your computer. Open a browser and go to the Google Play store site. Find and select a game, select Install, then choose a device to install the app on.

You can download Android apps on some Chromebooks, including games you've purchased on your tablet.

Samsung device and Install highlighted in the Google Play Store on Google Chrome

How Do I Install Games on My Tablet?

Games are installed automatically after you download them. If you delete a game and later decide you do want it, just find it in the Google Play Store and tap Install to reinstall it without paying again.

If you have an Amazon Fire tablet, you must purchase games and apps from Amazon's app store instead of Google Play. Most games available for Android are also available for Fire tablets, but there are some exceptions. It's possible to install Google Play on a Fire tablet, but apps from outside of Amazon's store are not guaranteed to work.

  • How do I transfer game data to a new Android device?

    If you're replacing your Android tablet, you can usually set up a new one without losing any game progress by using a backup. Go to Settings > Google > Backup and select Back Up Now. Then, when you get the new phone or tablet, restore it from that backup. If you have a Samsung device, you can also use the pre-installed Smart Switch app.

  • How do I transfer game data from Android to iPhone?

    The easiest way to make the switch from Android to iPhone while keeping your data is with Apple's Move to iOS app. This won't necessarily transfer your progress in games, however. Cross-platform apps that have you create an account will probably carry over, but the apps themselves won't. You'll have to download and possibly pay for them again to put them on your iPhone.

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