How to Download From (HBO) Max

You have to pay the ad-free subscription in order to download, but if so, it's just a tap to download what you want

What to Know

  • To download movies and TV from Max, find the thing you want to download > tap the download icon.
  • To delete downloads, tap the download menu > tap X next to the program to delete.
  • You can have a maximum of 30 downloads for a single account across all devices and profiles using the account.

You can download movies and TV shows from Max (formerly HBO Max) to watch offline when you don't have an internet connection. This article explains how to download from Max and what limitations there are with downloading content.

How to Download on Max on iPhone, iPad, and Android 

You can download on Max using the first-party apps for all the major platforms: iPhone, iPad, and Android. To download movies or TV shows with those apps, follow these steps. (While the screenshots below are from an iPhone, the steps are the same on an iPad or Android, too).

  1. In the Max app, find the movie or TV show you want to download via search or by browsing.

  2. Tap the download icon (it's a down arrow pointing at a line).

    How long the download takes depends on the speed of your internet connection and how long the item you're downloading is.

  3. When the movie or TV show has been downloaded, the download icon changes to a rectangle with a checkmark. You can now watch this offline, whenever you want.

    Highlighted steps to download movies and shows from the Max streaming service app on an iPhone.

How to Delete Downloads from Max

If you've downloaded movies or TV from Max and want to delete those downloads, follow these steps (again, the steps are the same on iPhone, iPad, and Android):

  1. Tap the download icon in the menu bar at the bottom of the app.

  2. This screen shows all downloads on your device. Tap the pencil icon.

    If you downloaded multiple episodes of the same show, but only want to delete some of them, tap the show first and tap the pencil on the screen listing all downloaded episodes.

  3. From this edit mode, you can choose to Clear All, which deletes all your downloads, or tap the X next to a single item you want to delete.

  4. If you're deleting multiple episodes at once, tap Remove All in the confirmation pop-up.

    Highlighted steps to delete downloads from the Max streaming service app on an iPhone.

    If you're deleting a single download, like a movie, there's no confirmation pop-up. The download is just removed right away.

Can You Download Content From Max?

If you've tried the steps above with no success, keep in mind not all Max subscribers have the option. Downloading content for offline viewing is available only on Max's $15.99/month Ad-Free plan. The less expensive "With Ads plan" doesn't allow downloads.

A few other important things to know about downloading on Max:

  • Download Limit: You can have a maximum of 30 downloaded items at a time. This applies to all user profiles and devices using the same account. For instance, if you and your spouse use the same Max account across two devices, the total number of downloads on the two devices is limited to 30.
  • Download Expiration: Once you start watching a download, you have 48 hours to finish or the download expires and is automatically removed. You can renew a download by tapping the downloads menu at the bottom of the screen, tapping the ! icon next to an expired download, and tapping Renew.
  • Download Settings: There are two download settings you may want to change. To access them, go to user profile > gear icon > Downloads. To only ever download on Wi-Fi (a good idea so you avoid using up your monthly high-speed cellular data), move the Download over Wi-Fi only slider to on. You can also choose faster downloads but lower quality video, or slower downloads with high-quality video, in the Download quality menu.
  • Can I download movies and shows on my computer?

    No, Max only supports downloading on mobile devices through the first-party app.

  • How many streams are supported on Max?

    You can stream on 3 devices simultaneously. By downloading on mobile and streaming on desktop, you can work with the 3 streams limit so more than 3 viewers can enjoy the content.

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