Where to Download Free Full-Versions of Computer Games

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Who doesn't like getting free stuff? When it comes to computer games, there's a lot you can get without spending a penny. Granted, you're not going to find for free the latest release in that super-awesome game franchise all of your friends are playing now (not legally anyway), but you can find some great titles created by independent developers available for free and legally, as well as many free-to-play games that give you a chance to play a game without forking over your hard-earned dough before you deciding if you like it.

Where to Download Free Full-Version Games

Many independent developers make their games available online for self-promotion. Some games are available to download for free, while others have to be played online, requiring an internet connection.

Here are a few places you can find free games.

  • Best Free Sim Games: Here is a list of great free simulation games. Whether you're interested in flight simulators, or city or civilization building simulations, you can find something that will likely pique your interest.
  • Free Tycoon Games: You can be a tycoon at just about anything, from railroads to fish tanks. Put your management savvy to the test with these freebies.
  • Free Flight Sims: Get into the cockpit of your favorite flying machine, from jets to choppers to World War II classics and test your skills as a pilot.
  • Commercial Freeware Games: Some games that were previously commercial games you had to pay for have been re-released with a freeware license. Here is a list of those games.
  • Steam Free Games: The game platform Steam always has some games available as free offerings. These change regularly, so check back for new games.