Download Free Classical Music at Musopen

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Musopen is a wonderful website dedicated to providing free classical music downloads to anyone who wants them. These classical pieces are public domain, so it's completely legal to download the music you find.

There's a wide selection of classical music available for download. You'll find hundreds of composers and performers using every type of musical instrument imaginable.

Besides a wide variety of classical music downloads, you also have access to a large selection of free sheet music.

How to Find Music at Musopen

Musopen royalty free music downloads

You can start your search for free music at Musopen by selecting Music at the top of the page. From there are several ways to locate the music you're after.

Use the Musopen Music Discovery Tool to perform searches and filter the results by length, instrument, rating, license, and quality.

On the Music page is also a list of composers you can sift through if you know which composer created the music you want to download. Below the composer list is a section for performer, one for instrument, a period selection (like 20th Century, Medieval, Traditional, etc.).

You can also browse the free music at Musopen by form, such as Octet, Caprice, Trio, Rag, Galop, and many others.

How to Download Music at Musopen

Musopen download page

You'll need to register with Musopen before you can download any of the music. To get the classical music for free, you'll need to sign up for the Musopen Lite account. This lets you get five downloads per day in standard-quality audio. You can pay for the Member or Benefactor account for unlimited downloads, high-quality audio, HD radio, and more.

Once you reach the download page for the piece you want to save to your computer, select the small download button to the right to save the MP3. If you don't see it, choose Download Music first. There's also a play button you can use to stream the music from Musopen.