How to Download Fonts on iPad

Add custom fonts to spice up your documents

What to Know

  • The iPad doesn't come with extra fonts, and you'll need apps to install them. We like iFont.
  • After downloading a font app for iPad, install the fonts by tapping Install.
  • Not all apps support custom fonts, but for those that do, the extra fonts will be accessible and available along with the built-in fonts.

This article explains how to download fonts to your iPad, where to get them, and how to use those new fonts on your iPad apps. Your iPad needs to be running iPadOS 13 or higher to use custom fonts.

How to Download Fonts on iPad from an App

By default, you get only the fonts that come preinstalled with your iPad, but that's pretty limiting. You can install fonts by downloading apps to the iPad that offer them. Here's what to do:

  1. Go to the App Store and search for "Fonts for iPad." Find the font app you want and download it.

    App store search field with "Fonts for iPad" highlighted
  2. Browse or search the app to find the font you want to install on the iPad. When you find the font, tap Install.

    iPad font app with fonts selected and Install highlighted

    This article was written using iFont, but there are many other font apps to choose from. The exact steps for using them will be slightly different.

  3. Confirm that the fonts are installed on your iPad by going to Settings > General > Fonts.

    Installed fonts highlighted in an iPad's settings

How to Download Fonts on iPad From the Web

Some font apps come with a set of fonts preinstalled. Some also give you the option to find other fonts online and download them. That process is a bit more complicated. Here's what to do:

  1. In your font app, browse or search the web and select the font you want to download to your font app.

    Fonts on the web with High Jersey font highlighted
  2. The font will download to your font app. Next, you need to install it on your iPad. In this example, we'll do this by selecting Import to iFont.

    iPad font download with "Import to iFont" highlighted
  3. To install the font, you'll need to install what's called a Configuration Profile. This is a preference file that enables additional features on your iPad.

    After downloading the font from the web and importing it into iFont, you have to head over to the Installer tab at the bottom and tap Install on the font you downloaded.

  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the Configuration Profile. In our example, we'll select Allow to allow the installation to continue.

    Installing a font's configuration profile with Allow highlighted
  5. Then go to Settings > General > Profiles and tap the name of the font profile.

    iPad settings with newly downloaded font's profile highlighted
  6. Tap Install, enter your passcode if prompted, and then tap Install again (It may warn you that this profile is unsigned. That's OK). With that done, the font you downloaded from the web is ready to use on your iPad.

    iPad settings with new font profile and Install highlighted

How to Use Fonts on iPad

Once you've got new fonts downloaded on your iPad, you can start using them in apps. Here's what to do:

While you can change the fonts you use in Apple apps like Pages and Keynote or third-party apps Photoshop for iPad, you can't change the default system font used throughout the iPad.

  1. Open the app you want to use.

  2. Look for the button that controls what font you use and tap it. If you can't find this button, it's likely the app doesn't support custom fonts.

    iPad writing app with the font control button highlighted
  3. From the font list, tap the new font you want to use.

  4. Type the text you want, and it will appear in the new font.

    Screenshot of text written using a custom font in Pages

How to Delete Fonts From iPad

Deleting fonts on the iPad is often easier than installing them. Here's what to do.

  1. Go to Settings > General > Fonts and tap Edit.

  2. Tap the circle next to each font you want to delete to select it.

  3. Tap Remove and the fonts will be deleted.

    iPad font settings with the "Anton" font and "Remove" highlighted
  4. If the font you want to remove was downloaded from the web and required you to install a Configuration Profile to use it, the steps are slightly different. In that case, go to Settings > General > Profiles, tap the profile, and then tap Remove Profile.

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