How to Download Your Flickr Photos

Grab Flickr photos individually or in batches quickly

What to Know

  • To download individual photo: Navigate to photo and select download icon in lower-right corner of screen.
  • To download album: Go to Albums tab > hover over album > select download icon.

This article explains how to download Flickr photos individually or as full albums using any browser on a desktop computer.

How to Download Flickr Photos Individually

To download an individual Flickr photo:

  1. On the page of the photo you'd like to download, select the download icon on the lower-right corner of the screen.

    Flickr download button
  2. Choose the size you'd like the downloaded photo to be.

    Flickr download size options

    How to Download Flickr Albums

    To download an entire album on Flickr:

  3. Select the user name, then navigate to the Flickr user's profile.

  4. In the profile menu, select the Albums tab.

    Flickr Albums tab
  5. Hover your cursor over an album you'd like to download, then select the download icon to download the entire album.

    Flickr download album icon
  6. A warning will appear about the licensing of these photos. If you choose to go ahead with the download, select Create zip file. The file will download.

    Flickr download album copyright warning

More Tools for Downloading Flickr Images

If you're not satisfied with Flickr's standard download options, check out the Flickr App Garden and browser extensions for tools that help you efficiently manage and use Flickr images. For example, Instant Save for Instagram and Flickr is a Chrome extension that gives you the ability to download an image from Flickr with by selecting a link in Chrome's context menu.

Other Free Image Hosting/Sharing Options

Other great options for free image hosting sites are available, as well—among them, Google Photos, Imgur, ImgBB, and many more.

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