Where to Download Every Version of iTunes

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If you have an iPhone or iPod or use Apple Music, iTunes is pretty much a requirement. Macs come with it already installed, but if you use Windows or Linux, or need a different version than the one you have, you'll need to download iTunes.

Update to the Latest Version If You Already Have iTunes

If you already have iTunes installed on your computer and just want to update to the latest version, things are pretty simple. Just update the program and you'll have the new version — with its new features, bug fixes, and device support — in no time.

Where to Download the Latest Version of iTunes

If you don't have iTunes yet, you'll always be able to get the latest version from Apple by going to the iTunes download page. This page will detect if you're using a Mac or Windows and will automatically offer you the right version of iTunes for your computer and operating system.

Where to Get iTunes for Windows 64-bit

The version of iTunes for Mac is 64-bit by default, but the standard iTunes program doesn't run on 64-bit versions of Windows (learn the difference between 32-bit and 64-bit software). So, if you're running Windows 64-bit and want to use iTunes, you'll need to download a special version.

Find out what versions of iTunes are 64-bit enabled, what OSes they work with, and where to download them.

Where to Get iTunes for Linux

Apple doesn't make a version of iTunes specifically for Linux, but that doesn't mean that Linux users can't run iTunes. It just takes a little more work.

Where to Download Old Versions of iTunes

If you need a version of iTunes that's not the latest — and you've still got a computer that can run, say, iTunes 3 — getting the right software isn't impossible, but it's not easy, either. Apple doesn't provide downloads of very old versions of iTunes, though you can usually find a few versions if you poke around Apple's site long enough:

If you need something older, visit a software archive site:

After Getting iTunes, These Are Your Next Steps

After you've downloaded the version of iTunes you need, you'll either install iTunes on Mac or on Windows.