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Created to bring people together, whether for friends or dating, Badoo for iPhone is an exciting, instant messaging-centered app with a social networking feel. Search through thousands of local profiles and check out all the Badoo girls and boys looking for a night out, connect with new buddies with similar interests, or chat with someone at random. The choice is yours.

Activate your Badoo Super Powers to meet even more friends and get better matches for activity partners, dates and love.

How to Download Badoo for iPhone App
Before you can get started, you will need to follow these easy steps to download the Badoo app to your iPhone or iPod Touch using these step by step instructions:

  • Locate the App Store on your device.
  • Tap on the search bar (the field located at the top) and type in "Badoo."
  • Click on the appropriate app, as shown above.
  • Click the blue "Free" button.
  • Press the green "Install App" button from the next screen to begin your download.

Badoo for iPhone System Requirements
Make sure your iPhone or iPod Touch meets the following requirements before you begin, or you will not be able to use this app:

  • 11.1 MB space available
  • iOS 4.0 or later
  • WiFi or Mobile Web access
  • Badoo or Facebook account
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Launch Badoo on Your iPhone, iPod Touch Device

Badoo for iPhone
Screenshot Courtesy, 2012 © Badoo.

Once Badoo has completed installation, you can launch the app software on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad device. Located the app's icon, which appears as an orange icon with a lower-case "b," as illustrated above. Click the icon to start Badoo for iPhone.

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Share Your Location in Badoo for iPhone

Badoo Current Location
Screenshot Courtesy, 2012 © Badoo

Once you have launched Badoo for iPhone for the first time, a dialogue box will appear prompting you to allow or disable location sharing while using this app. The alert will read:

"Badoo" Would Like to Use Your Current Location

Click "OK" to allow the app to use your location when the app is in use, or "Don't Allow" to deny access to your current location. For best results, users who wish to use the app's "People Nearby" feature to find local users from their mobile devices should allow current location.

However, you could find a general listing of people in your area without enabling location sharing by entering the city and state in the search function later.

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Enable, Disable Push Notifications for Badoo on iPhone, iPod Devices

Screenshot Courtesy, 2012 © Badoo

Next, a dialogue box will appear prompting you to allow or disable push notifications for Badoo on iPhone. With push notifications, users can receive notice of new messages even if when the app is closed. This will not work when you sign out of Badoo. Press "OK" to allow notifications, or "Don't Allow" to block delivery.

How to Enable, Disable Notifications Later
Badoo users who change their mind on push notification delivery can amend their settings. To either enable or disable these alerts, follow these easy steps:

  • Locate, click the "Settings" icon on your device.
  • Click "Notifications" from the menu.
  • Scroll and press "Badoo" from your applications menu.
  • Click "On" or "Off" to enable, disable push notifications.

Users can also select the alert style, whether they are viewable from the lock screen (that is, when the iPhone or iPod Touch is locked), and more from this menu.

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Welcome to Badoo for iPhone

Screenshot Courtesy, 2012 © Badoo

The Badoo for iPhone home screen, as illustrated above, is the way you will navigate from feature to feature using your account. Each icon opens a new feature screen, each with its own distinct action or activity.

To return to the home screen from any page, locate the house icon.

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How to Sign In to Badoo for iPhone

Screenshot Courtesy, 2012 © Badoo

From the Badoo home screen, press the "Profile" icon and a dialogue box will appear prompting users to either log in using Facebook authentication or your own Badoo account. A third option takes users to the Badoo registration form.

How to Sign In with Facebook
To log in to Badoo using Facebook authentication, click the "Use Facebook" button to continue. Your web browser will prompt you to sign in to Facebook, if you have not already signed in. A screen will appear for the Badoo app on Facebook. Locate the blue "Allow" button in the upper right corner to sign in.

How to Log in with a Badoo Account
Click the "Use Badoo Account" button to sign in with your account email and password. Click inside the user text field to enable your QWERTY touchscreen keyboard and enter your email in its entirety, followed by your password in the designated field. Click the blue "Sign In" button to continue.

If you have forgotten your Badoo account password, click the silver "Forgot password?" and follow the prompts to restore access to your chat account.

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Badoo Registration on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Devices

Screenshot Courtesy, 2012 © Badoo

Unlike users of the mobile site, Badoo registration is allowed directly from the iPhone and iPod Touch app. To create a free account, click the "Profile" icon from the home menu and select the button titled "Create new account."

Next, enter the following information into the fields provided:

  • Email address
  • Name
  • Birthdate
  • Gender (blue icon for men, pink icon for women)
  • Looking for (blue icon for men, pink icon for women or both)

When complete, click the blue "Sign Up!" button to continue using Badoo for iPhone.

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How to Sign Out of Badoo

As with most apps, there will be instances where you must sign out of Badoo on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Unfortunately, finding this option is a little difficult for the beginner. Here's how to log out of Badoo and prevent receiving messages until you log in once again:

  • Click the "Profile" icon from the home screen.
  • Scroll to and click "Account."
  • Click the silver "Sign out" button to continue.

These instructions are the same whether you used a Badoo account or Facebook authentication to log in to the app.

Why Can't I Sign Out of Badoo?
If you have never signed out of Badoo before, the above instructions will yield an extra two steps. When you click "Account," you will be prompted to send an email to your account email address on file, where you will change your password. This password will be used for all future log ins to the app.

  • Click the blue "Get password" button to continue.
  • Check your email and follow the instructions.
  • Return to the app, re-launch the "Account" page.
  • Click the silver "Sign out" button to continue.