How to Download Android Apps On Chromebook

Grab the app you want and get on with your day

Google is gradually releasing versions of the Chromebook software (Chrome OS) that supports the Google Play store. If you aren’t sure your device supports Google Play, they have provided a growing list of devices that do support it. If you are still uncertain, make sure your Chromebook software is running Chrome OS version 53 or higher.

Which Version of Chrome OS Do You Have?

Down at the bottom right-hand side, click on the taskbar (where the time is showing).

  1. Click on Settings (cogwheel).

  2. On the upper left-hand side, click on the Chrome Menu (looks like 3 horizontal lines).

  3. Click on About Chrome OS.

    Version of Chrome OS listed on the left side.

    If you don’t have version 53 or higher, click on the Check For Updates to see if your system does have an update.

  4. Once you’ve confirmed you have the correct version, simply open up the Play Store. (If you recently updated, you should have seen this install.)

Go to the Play Store

Now it's time to find some apps to install.

  1. Click on the Start button (looks like a white circle).

    Start button on Chromebook, lower-left corner of screen

    Either enter Play Store in the search menu or hit the up button to display more apps.

    More Apps triangle in lower center of Chromebook screen
  2. Click on the Play Store icon.

    Play Store icon in More Apps screen of Chromebook
  3. Now we need to see how to install the apps.

Installing Apps from the Play Store.

Now we’re ready to find all those fun (productive) apps. At the top of the screen, click in the box that says Google Play. This is the actual search box to find all of those great apps.

Search field for Google Play store on Chromebook
  1. In this example, we are searching for a calendar app. Type in your search criteria and hit your Enter key.

    searching for apps
  2. You should quite a few results. Here you can click on each result and read a brief summary of the app, see some screenshots, and even see reviews of the app.

    Some apps are not free or have in-app purchases to enable certain features.

    found some apps
  3. Once you’ve decided on an appropriate app, click the Install button.

    Install button for Google Play store app
  4. You should see the view now shows the app is downloading and will have a progress bar to show its installation progress.

    Downloading message when installing app on Chromebook
  5. Once the app is installed, the app information screen should display an Open button instead of Install. Alternatively, just go back to your apps list and click on the icon. Voila! You now have a shiny new app to play with.

    Open button for newly installed calendar app on Chromebook
  6. If you don't have a Chromebook with the Google Play store on it, or if you're in need of an alternative, see the next section.

Alternative to the Play Store

The Google Web Store is what all Chrome OS systems used before Google implemented access and usage of the Google Play Store. While many apps are listed in both places, the Web Store may not have the selection the Play Store has.

  1. Click on the Start button (looks like a white circle).

    If Web Store isn’t listed in your Frequent Apps list, click the Up arrow to see all apps.

  2. Click on the Web Store icon.

    Web store icon on Chromebook
  3. A Chrome webpage will pull up. It will have an address like

    From here, at the top left corner under the Chrome Web Store logo, enter in your search criteria for the app you’re looking for.

    Search field in Chrome web store
  4. In this example, we’re looking for a calendar. Once you typed in your search criteria, hit Enter.

    Calendar search criteria in Chrome web store on Chromebook
  5. Just like you would on the Play Store, clicking on each listing will give you additional information on the selected app.

    App details
  6. Once you’ve selected the app you want to install, you can either click on Add to Chrome in the app details window or in the app search results window.

    Add to Chrome button in Chrome web store on Chromebook
  7. OR

    Add to Chrome button in Chrome web store on Chromebook
  8. Once you’ve clicked the Add to Chrome button, a dialog box should pop up asking if you want to install the app. If so, click the Add extension button.

    Add Extension button in Chrome web store on Chromebook
  9. Once the installation has completed, another dialog box will appear notifying of completion.

    Chrome web browser with dialog box that says Google Calendar has been added to Chrome
  10. You should now notice in the app search list a green button to Rate It and a small green banner on the app stating Added.

    Rate it and Added banners in recently added Google Calendar to Chromebook
  11. Or in the app details view it should say Added to Chrome. If this is your view, then your app is installed and ready for you to use.