Do’s and Don’ts of Using Social Media for App Marketing

Social media apps on a phone display

Jason Howie / Getty Images

That social media plays an important role in mobile app marketing is an understood and acknowledged fact. This aspect of app marketing especially helps developers who are on a tight budget. Social media helps you reach a much wider, sharply targeted audience, who are bound to be interested in what you have to offer to them. Not only that, but social media also helps bring you more potential customers, thanks to your current ones recommending your app to friends on their respective social networks.

While all this sounds very good in theory, app marketing with social media can go very wrong and prove to be counter-productive if you do not handle it right. Here are some do’s and don’ts of marketing your app via the various social media channels available to you.


  • Interact on Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social network in existence today. This media channel offers you a single platform to interact with a variety of users from all over the globe. Make sure you create a strong enough presence for yourself on Facebook. Become available to your audience on this platform and keep in constant touch with them.

  • Tweet Away

Twitter is another social media channel that lets you get together with your users, while also tweet about your latest activities, achievements and so on. Not only that, but Twitter is also employed by customers as a sort of feedback platform, as also one to contact you in case they have queries and issues with your app. All posts on Twitter are easily accessible on the Internet. Hence, make sure to address all your user issues immediately. If they are happy with your service, they will mention you in their own tweets. This will work as additional promotion for your app.

  • Add Novelty to Your App

Add a dash of freshness to your app marketing efforts. There are hundreds of thousands of apps out there, so the chances are that your niche is already saturated with the same type of apps. However, adding a unique touch to the way you present your app to your users is what will eventually make your app a winner. Take a novel, hitherto unexplored, perspective on your app. Tell your potential customers why your app is special and how it would help them better than all the other apps in that particular category. Using the right words to present your app to your visitors is a major part of app marketing.

  • Add Videos of Your App

Create interesting videos of your app. Give users an initial idea of your app by presenting video clips showing the way your app functions, basic app UI, app navigation and so on. Make sure that the video is of good quality and also include detailed how-to’s in your video. Upload the videos and ask users to add their comments and feedback.

  • Offer Your Users Incentives

Offering users some incentive to promote your app is a clever method of app marketing. The chance of being rewarded to talk about you will encourage them to spread the news of your app by way of word of mouth. Even a small reward would be enough to get them talking about your app to their friends and acquaintances. However, remember that the most important thing here is to offer quality to your customers. Rewards will not work if your app does not meet the basic quality standards.

  • Request User Participation

Your users are the ones responsible for the ultimate success of your app in the marketplace. Invite your users to participate in the entire process. Engage users, ask them questions and regale them with related anecdotes. Request them to participate in your surveys – this will give you valuable public feedback on your app. Also, ask your users to review and rate your app online. Provided that you can manage to make a positive impression with your app, most users would be willing to share their user experience on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.


  • Prattle on Uninterestingly

While talking about your app is fine, make sure that you make sense with whatever you are saying. Your content should seem interesting and informative to your users. You could even add a touch of humor if you so wish. No matter what you do, though, do not go on talking about yourself and your achievements. No one wants to listen to that sort of boring prattle.

  • Delete Negative Comments

You cannot be getting positive reviews all the time. Sometimes, you do get negative \comments and feedback on your app. Do not delete these comments, because they will add a touch of reality to your user reviews. Make a note of these complaints and try to address them as best as you can. Ask dissatisfied users to get in touch with you and try to solve their issues. Remember to be helpful and willing to please at all times.

Social media offers you great scope for app marketing. Take note of the above-mentioned aspects, chalk out a clear strategy and proceed ahead with your plan.