The Best Doom Cheat Codes for PC

Cheat codes and strategies for the original Doom video game on PC.

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The original Doom for PC is one of the most classic titles of all time. It's a seminal first-person shooter with plenty to offer both new and old players and reasons to keep coming back. From mods to additional levels to modifiers that make things more difficult, there's something in it for everyone, which should be well reflected in the cheats we've gathered here for you to devour. 

An interesting tidbit to remember is the IDDQD cheat code, which essentially makes you a god for the remainder of the time you're playing the game.

 There's some merit to playing the game without cheat codes, however, as playing it will likely help you improve your skill when it comes to similar shooters of the era like Rise of the Triad and Wolfenstein 3D . They look and play a lot like Doom as-is, so once you've played one you've played them all!

The following cheats are for the original Doom PC video game. Cheat codes are entered during gameplay and must be entered from the start screen by heading to the cheat terminal. If you just start typing willy-nilly they're probably not going to work right, so make sure you're putting everything where it needs to go and you'll be golden. 

To reach the in-game terminal, make sure you bring up the console by pressing the tilde key ( ~ ), then enter one of the following codes below. It's important to remember not to just start entering information on the game screen, as you might accidentally turn on something or turn it off during the game.

Make sure you're using the special cheat code terminal, and enter all of your codes from there. This is an important tip to remember no matter what title you're playing or trying to use cheat codes in. 

Cheat Codes

Show Entire Map and Enemies
Cheat code: IDDT (while looking at map)
Note: Enter the code once to show the entire map, enter it again to show the enemies.

All Keys And Weapons
Cheat code: IDKFA

All Weapons
Cheat code: IDFA

Cheat code: IDBEHOLDa

Berserk Pack
Cheat code: IDBEHOLDs

Display Location
Cheat code: IDMYPOS

Get Chainsaw
Cheat code: IDCHOPPERS

God Mode
Cheat code: IDDQD

Light Amplification Goggles
Cheat code: IDBEHOLDl

No Clipping
Cheat code: IDCLIP

Plays Music From Episode #, Mission #
Cheat code: IDMUS##

Radiation Suit
Cheat code: IDBEHOLDr

Temp. Invisibility
Cheat code: IDBEHOLDi

Temp. Invulnerability
Cheat code: IDBEHOLDv

Warp to Episode #, Level #
Cheat code: IDCLEV##

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We've got a whole bevy of cheat codes for the original Doom, Doom 2 and more. In fact, you can visit our special Doom cheat code hub page and go from here if there's something here that you need and just can't find it. Check out the hub page here and as usual, if we've forgotten something important here that you need to be tackled, let us know. Don't be shy! We want to make sure you have everything you need for happy gaming, especially when it comes to retro style. 

If you're more of a modern gamer and would prefer to play the brand new vision of Doom from 2016, don't fret about that. We've got coverage coming and will update the Doom hub as it goes up so you can get back to kicking butt and taking names in the meantime, as you do as a veteran Doom player.


We'll be looking to the future with walkthroughs, targeted content, and strategies and more with Doom over the ages, and in the meantime, you can check out some of our previous coverage here while we're still building things out. 

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