Doom II PC Cheat Codes Guide

Rip and tear with these Doom II PC cheats

Doom II FPS gun and demon

id Software

Doom is one of the most popular first-person shooter games of all time, and it spawned an equally excellent sequel. Id Software's Doom II came out on MS-DOS computers in 1994. Its storyline follows the events of the original game. After saving Mars from a demon invasion, the unnamed space marine must protect Earth from the minions of Hell. While it didn't push the series forward a significant amount, it was a critical and commercial success, becoming the biggest-selling computer title in the U.S. that year.

Tackling a demonic horde isn't an easy task. But, if you need help, use this cheat codes guide to level the playing field.

This guide is specifically for the PC version of Doom II.

Doom II PC Cheat Codes

Enter the following Doom II PC cheats at any time during gameplay.

Cheat Code Effect
idfa Grants all weapons and ammo.
idkfa Grants all weapons, ammo, and keys.
IDBEHOLDS Creates a Berserk Pack.
idclev31 Unlocks a bonus level.
IDMUSXX Choose a BGM track (Note: the XX stands for a number).
IDBEHOLDA Shows computer area map.
IDDT Shows the entire map.
iddqd Enables God Mode.
IDBEHOLDI Enables invisibility.
FHSHH Makes you invisible until you attack.
IDBEHOLDV Enables invulnerability.
IDCLEV XX Warps you to the specified level (Note: XX is the level number).
IDBEHOLDL Spawns light amp goggles.
idclip Enables no clipping mode.
IDBEHOLDR Spawns a radiation suit.
idchoppers Replaces your fists with chainsaws.
idmypos Shows your position in code.
idclev32 Unlocks the secret Wolfenstein 3D level.