Dolphin Browser HD for Android

dolphin browser for android
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About Web Browsers Summary

Dolphin Browser HD for Android is a full-fledged app that brings a litany of features normally reserved for desktop computers to your mobile device. Possessing a crisp interface that immediately lends itself to even the most novice Android user, Dolphin HD takes full advantage of your touchscreen in areas where most other browsers fall short.

Perhaps the handiest of them all is its Gestures feature, which allows you to load a site with a simple swipe. Want to go to Draw a 'G' with your finger. Need to open a new tab? Create a quick 'N' with your thumb. It's that easy. In addition to Dolphin's integrated Gestures, you are given the ability to create an unlimited amount of your own.

Next to Gestures, my favorite part of Dolphin HD has to be the Webzines. Websites that offer RSS feeds can be rendered as neatly grouped thumbnail images, headlines, and blurbs perfect for your Android display. Those users accustomed to running an RSS reader on your mobile device will enjoy the convenience of the Webzine feature, while RSS newbies will become hooked. Webzine settings even let you control text size, toggle images on and off, and clear a separately maintained cache.

Yet another cool component of Dolphin Browser HD is the ability to install add-ons. As a self-admitted extension addict, this was a big draw for me. With over 50 add-ons available ranging from an integrated Twitter client to the popular LastPass password manager, this feature expands the browser's potential beyond a sizable portion of the competition.

In addition to the aforementioned items, you will find that Dolphin HD contains the majority of prominent features found in today's top Web browsers. This includes but is not limited to tabbed browsing, Speed Dial, private mode, highly customizable bookmarks, and the sleek Dolphin SideBar.

If I had to pinpoint a noticeable negative, it would lie in the somewhat unimpressive load times. They are not excruciatingly slow by any means, but do not do much to separate the browser from its competitors in this area. Depending on your connection type, you may experience page loads that are just a notch below some of the other popular Android alternatives. However, they are not slow enough to deter you from giving Dolphin Browser HD a whirl. MoboTap Inc., the company behind the browser, appears to have a motivated development team and some serious financial backers. This is good news, as Dolphin Browser HD should continue to improve and has the ability to compete with the big boys on the block.

Publisher's Description

"Dolphin is the simplest way to browse the mobile Web. It is smart, playful, and it adapts to the way you want to browse. Open your favorite Web pages with just a touch of your fingertip, or you can install add-ons and make Dolphin look, feel, and function just the way you like it. Dolphin is currently available in 16 different languages.

Dolphin Webzine brings elegance to Web browsing. Web content is beautifully displayed like a magazine. With one tab, you can see all the latest articles of your favorite website, then another tap will take you the beautifully formatted page. Dolphin Gesture simplifies the way you navigate the mobile Web. Open any of your favorite websites with just the touch of your fingertip. Say goodbye to typing and let Dolphin Gesture transform the way you interact with your Smartphone or Tablet."

Other Details

Devices Supported: Android phones, tablets and set-top boxes

Price: FREE