Dolphin Browser for Android

Full-fledged browser brings desktop features to your smartphone

dolphin browser for android
MoboTap, Inc.

Dolphin Browser for Android is a free, full-fledged app that brings a litany of features normally reserved for desktop computers to your mobile device. With a crisp interface that even novice Android user can navigate, Dolphin takes full advantage of your touchscreen in areas where most other browsers fall short.

Features Common in Desktop Browsers

Dolphin offers most of the features you're used to using on your computer. This includes but is not limited to tabbed browsing, speed dial, private mode, and customizable bookmarks.

Gestures: Quick, Easy Shortcuts

One of Dolphin's standout features is the ability to use gestures to accomplish tasks. For example, you can load a site with a simple swipe. Want to go to Draw a G with your finger. Want to go to Facebook? Create a quick F with your thumb. In addition to Dolphin's integrated Gestures, you can create an unlimited number of your own.

Dolphin's Gestures and Sonar menu

Likewise, Dolphin Sonar lets you search, share, and navigate by voice—a useful feature for those with sight impairments, clumsy fingers, or simply a preference for voice operation.

Add-Ons Bring Extra Functionality

A wealth of third-party add-ons let you customize your browsing experience and add convenience—for example, an integrated Twitter client to the popular LastPass password manager.

Continued Development

Mobotap Inc., the company behind the browser, continually updates Dolphin to reflect the ever-changing web environment and the needs of its users.


Dolphin is available for Android Phones and iPhones at no charge on Google Play and in the App Store, respectively. You can sync your Dolphin settings across all the devices you use so you don't have to set up and update each one individually.