Does Your VPS Location Matter?

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VPS Server, being the most preferred option for a hosting server, comes with adequate space, speed and security at the most reasonable price, thus proving to be the best option for the requirements of small and medium-sized businesses. Budding entrepreneurs seeking VPS hosting service providers need to consider several things like whether they should go for Windows or Linux VPS hosting, the needed bandwidth, RAM, disk space, and of course selecting the right virtual server location.

If you’ve been thinking the location of the server is not important, you are wrong as it is a matter of concern to a significant extent as it can affect the server performance in several ways. Read on to find why the location of VPS matters.  

Why VPS Location Matters?

Here are a few reasons as to why the location of the virtual private server matters.

Network Speed: If the virtual private server is situated in a foreign nation, it may lead to slow network speed as the internet traffic in that nation will be of top priority rather than foreign connections. This may lead to the users experiencing slow loading of pages, errors, and timeout messages. It would be a good option to avail the services of reputed VPS hosting providers with international CDN services and great network infrastructure. 

Cost Factor: The cost of VPS services is decided based on the location. If you are wondering how, here’s the reason.

The servers require maintenance in cold environments in order to ensure efficient functioning and so there are high-end cooling systems in data centers that impose vast electricity bills. Such power costs get adjusted in the service costs, thus making the service prices high. However, if the data centers are situated in cold places, the power bills might be negligible and eventually the service price will be comparatively lesser.


SEO Results: The website location is an important aspect based on which search engines like Google establish their search rankings. For instance, if the search is initiated from the United States, the websites from United States would be ranked first. In this case, your chance of achieving top ranks in search engines may not be determined if your site gets hosted in some other nation. Though, this problem can be rectified by choosing your primary target nation in Google Webmaster Tools account. 

Customer Support: It’s important to ensure that the customer support services are available when you require them as you can never predict when a technical problem may arise. If your virtual server is located in a country with a different time zone, you might not be able to reach out to them when needed due to the time zone differences. In such cases, it would be fine if the provider offers support 24x7 to its clients. 

Language: Speech or language is different in different nations. If the VPS is hosted in a foreign country, you have to ensure that contact support is available in a language that you can understand. 

If network speed, SEO, contact support, cost and language factors don't seem to have an impact in your case, then you can ignore the VPS location.

Now that you know that the physical location of the virtual server matters, it all comes down to taking all these factors into consideration while deciding about the server’s physical location when making your decision.