Does the iPhone 13 Come With AirPods?

No. Here's what you need to know

Like the iPhone 12 before it, the iPhone 13 does not come with AirPods. In fact, the smartphone does not come with any headphones or a power adapter so you'll need to supply both of these for yourself. The iPhone 13 only comes with a charging/syncing cable. As was the case with the iPhone 12, Apple says it removed both headphones and the power adapter to reduce packaging and waste. 

Does iPhone 13 Come With Headphones?

Simply put, no. The iPhone 13 only comes with a charging/syncing cable—a USB Type-C to Lightning cable for basic functionality. If you want to use headphones with your iPhone 13, you will need to supply them yourself. 

No matter which model of the iPhone 13 you buy, headphones are not included. Also, because the iPhone 13 uses a Lightning port for connectivity, you will need to make sure any headphones you do use are either Bluetooth headphones or have a Lightning connection. Alternatively, you will need an adapter that connects a standard headphone jack into Apple's Lightning port. 

Earlier versions of the iPhone came with a power adapter to plug into wall outlets as well as wired headphones (known as Apple's EarPods) but since the iPhone 12, you need to buy those accessories separately from your new phone purchase. 

According to Apple, this is to reduce packaging, waste and shipping weight. The company considers it as part of its commitment to the environment. The thinking is that many iPhone owners already possess a power adapter and headphones so they don't need the extras, or they want the convenience of choosing what to buy for themselves. However, it can also be seen as a move by Apple to encourage more sales of accessories. 

It isn't the only company to skip bundling in such extras though with other smartphone manufacturers such as Nokia implementing similar measures. 

What Comes With the iPhone 13?

The iPhone 13 comes with the basic essentials you need to use it. It has a thinner box than previous iPhones with Apple cutting down on packaging in a bid to reduce its plastic waste. 

The iPhone 13 also includes key documentation, an Apple sticker, and a USB Type-C to Lightning cable. The cable can be used to plug your iPhone 13 into a computer or laptop for charging as well as for syncing with. 

Alternatively, you can use the cable to plug into a power adapter or a USB hub to power it separately from your other devices. 

Which iPhone Comes With AirPods?

No iPhones come with AirPods. Even though Apple is keen to promote the use of AirPods and AirPods Pro, not even the iPhone 13 Pro range comes with AirPods bundled with them. 

If you want to use AirPods with your iPhone, you will need to buy them separately from Apple or a third-party retailer. 

All iPhones are compatible with AirPods, AirPods Pro and AirPods Max, and pairing them is very simple if you choose to buy them. All other Bluetooth enabled earbuds and headphones are also compatible with the iPhone.

  • How do I pair Airpods to my iPhone?

    To connect Airpods to your iPhone, you must first activate Bluetooth on your iOS device. With your AirPods in the case, bring them close to your device, open the case, and then press and hold the pairing button on the AirPods case.

  • How do I add AirPods to Find My iPhone?

    After setting up Find My iPhone, connect your AirPods to your device and open the Find My app. Your AirPods should be added automatically. This feature will help you find your AirPods if you lose them.

  • How do I change the name of my Airpods on iPhone?

    To change the name of your Airpods on iPhone, go to Settings > Bluetooth and tap Information (i) next to your AirPods. Tap Name to enter a new name, then back out to confirm the change.

  • How do I make my Airpods louder on iPhone?

    To make your AirPods louder, turn off Low Power mode and charge them for one to two hours. You can also calibrate the sound, turn off equalizer settings, and check the Volume Limit controls.

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