Does Kindle Need Wi-Fi?

Since don't need Wi-Fi to read books, here's what you can use it for

If you're planning to take your Kindle somewhere without internet, you might need to know how to use it without an internet connection. This article provides the information you need to know about using a Kindle without Wi-Fi.

Can I Use Kindle Without Wi-Fi?

The short answer is, yes, you can use your Amazon Kindle devices without Wi-Fi to read books. However, many functions will not be available when you have your Wi-Fi turned off. So, while you may read any books you have downloaded to your device, you won't be able to download new books.

You also won't be able to shop for books on the Amazon Kindle store through your device, and you won't be able to sync your notes, highlights, or bookmarks without an active internet connection either.

Another feature you will find missing without an internet connection is the ability to update your Kindle or any of the books on your Kindle. You might be able to download firmware or software updates to your computer, and then install them to your Kindle without a Wi-Fi connection by connecting the kindle directly to your computer via a cable, but you would need to have an internet connection to get the download to put on your computer.

How Do I Put Books on My Kindle Without Wi-Fi?

Although you can't accomplish much on your Kindle without Wi-Fi, you can transfer books from your computer to your Kindle, if you have the book downloaded to your computer. There are a couple of caveats:

  • First, books must be in a compatible format. That's important if you're planning to put books from sources other than Amazon on your Kindle.
  • Second, if you plan to move Kindle books onto your Kindle from a computer without a Wi-Fi connection, you'll need a way to download those books to your computer's hard drive. You can either use a wired internet connection to that, or you can download them when you have access to Wi-Fi on your computer and transfer them later to your Kindle without the internet connection.

With those things in mind, here's how you add books from Amazon to your Kindle without a Wi-Fi connection.

  1. Log in to and click Accounts & Lists > Content & Devices.

    A screenshot of the Content & Devices link on the Amazon website.
  2. Select Books.

    The books option in Amazon Digital Content.
  3. Locate the book you want to transfer to your Kindle and click More actions.

    The More actions option in the Amazon Kindle library.
  4. Click Download & transfer via USB.

    The dowload & Transfer via USB option for Amazon Kindle Books.
  5. Choose the device you want to download it for, and then click Download. Make note of the location where the file is downloaded, as you'll need to be able to find it in the following steps.

    The option to download a Kindle book to transfer via USB cable.
  6. Connect your Kindle to your computer using a USB cable. Your Kindle should appear as an external drive.

  7. Drag the file you downloaded from your hard drive to the Documents folder on the Kindle. Once the transfer is complete, the book will be on your Kindle, and you can repeat this process for any books you have in your Kindle Library on Amazon.

  • How do I get internet on a Kindle without Wi-Fi?

    If a wireless network isn't available to use with your Kindle, you can create a hotspot using your Android phone or iPhone. This connection will still technically be over Wi-Fi, but it's a good solution when you're away from home and can't find other service.

  • Why won't my Kindle connect to the internet?

    If you're having trouble getting an internet connection to your Kindle, you should try a series of restarts. Start by checking to make sure you're connecting to a network you know and have the correct security credentials for. Next, try rebooting your Kindle, either by holding the power button or selecting Restart from the Settings menu. If that doesn't work, try troubleshooting your network by restarting your modem and router.

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