Does the iPad Have a Microphone?

Where would the mic be on an iPad?

What to Know

  • Every iPad model has at least one built-in microphone. Some models have two.
  • How many microphones your iPad has and where they're located depends on the model.

If you want to record audio from your iPad, don't worry: Every iPad has a microphone. This article provides information on the microphone for every iPad model ever made.

Do iPads Have Microphones?

Yes. Since the original, every model of the iPad has included at least one built-in microphone. Mics on the iPad are pretty subtle; they look like small pinholes poked into the housing of the iPad, or, on some models, in the camera assembly.

Even though the iPad has a built-in microphone, you can still attach an external mic to it. Using an external mic is particularly valuable if you need to capture high-quality audio, such as making a podcast, recording music, or shooting a video. An external microphone connected to your iPad will provide much better sound in those cases. You connect external mics to the iPad via the USB-C port, the headphone jack (new iPads no longer have headphone jacks), or the Dock Connector.

Diagram of an iPad showing its microphones
iPad Pro 12.9" 5th Gen. Diagram.

Apple Inc.

Where Is the Microphone on an iPad? 

The microphone's location on your iPad and how many microphones it has are different depending on the model. Here's the breakdown of where to find the microphone on every iPad model ever made:

iPad Pro Series
Model  Number of Mics  Location of Mics 
12.9" 5th/4th/3rd Gen. 5 Top: 3 Left side: 1 Camera: 1
12.9" 2nd/1st Gen. 2 Top: 1 Camera: 1
11" all generations 5 Top: 3 Left side: 1 Camera: 1
10.5" all generations 2 Top: 1 Camera: 1
9.7" all generations 2 Top: 1 Camera: 1
iPad Air Series
Model Number of Mics Location of Mics 
All generations 2 Top: 1 Camera: 1
iPad Series
 Model Number of Mics  Location of Mics 
9th Gen.
8th Gen.
7th Gen.
2 Top: 1 Camera: 1
6th Gen.
5th Gen.
1 Back: 1 
4th Gen.
3rd Gen.
2nd Gen.
1st Gen.
1 Top: 1
iPad mini Series
 Model Number of Mics  Location of Mics 
6th Gen.
5th Gen.
4th Gen.
3rd Gen.
2nd Gen.
2 Top: 1 Camera: 1
1st Gen. 1 Bottom: 1

What Is the iPad Microphone Used For?

The iPad microphone is used for all kinds of iPad audio-recording needs, including:

  • When recording video
  • For FaceTime calls
  • For music and podcasting
  • For voice memos (using the pre-loaded Voice Memos app, for instance)

There are no specific steps or requirements for using the iPad microphone. Essentially, if you use an app that records audio, it will automatically use the microphone when it needs audio input. You can mute the mic in some apps by tapping a microphone icon.

  • How do I turn on an iPad's microphone?

    To turn on an app's access to a microphone, go to your iPad's Settings > Privacy > Microphone. You'll see applications that have requested access to the iPad's microphone. Tap the toggle to turn on the app's microphone access.

  • How do I turn off an iPad's microphone?

    There's no universal setting for disabling an iPad microphone. To turn off access to the microphone for a specific app, go to Settings > Privacy > Microphone, then restrict an app's access to the iPad microphone.

  • How do I test an iPad's microphone?

    To test the iPad's microphone, launch the camera app and record a short video. Play the video to check the recorded audio. Other options for testing an iPad's microphone include attempting a FaceTime call, recording a voice memo, or using Siri to test the audio.

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