Does Fitbit Require a Subscription?

No, but it's useful to try Fitbit Premium if you use your Fitbit often

What to Know

  • The Fitbit app is free to use, but Fitbit Premium adds additional features to the tracker.
  • You can pay for Fitbit Premium on a rolling monthly basis or per year.
  • Fitbit devices don't need a constant data connection to work, but it's helpful if you need to check in regularly. 

This article teaches you about whether owning a Fitbit requires a subscription. It also breaks down the advantages of subscribing to Fitbit Premium and what's involved with the service. 

How to Use the Fitbit App

Setting up a Fitbit and using the app is almost identical regardless of which Fitbit you own. Here's how to set it up before delving into the free and paid features available through it.

  1. Charge your Fitbit device.

  2. Download the Fitbit app from the Google Play Store or App Store.

  3. Open the app and log in if you already have a Fitbit account, or tap Join Fitbit to create your account.

  4. New users will need to choose which device they want to set up before creating an account. If you already have an account, tap your Account icon in the upper-left corner of the app dashboard, then tap Set up a Device under Devices.

  5. Wait for the Fitbit app to detect the device then enter the PIN displayed on it to pair the two devices.

  6. Once the pairing is successful, you can use the app to track your steps, calories, and more.

  7. To add Fitbit Premium, tap your account profile.

  8. Tap Fitbit Premium.

    Fitbit App with Fitbit Premium highlighted.
  9. Tap Sign Up to Fitbit Premium.

    If you have recently purchased the Fitbit device, it often comes with a Fitbit Premium trial included. Look for it in the app.

Is the Fitbit App Free?

The basic Fitbit app is entirely free to use. However, to get the full benefits from it, you may need to subscribe to Fitbit Premium. Here's a look at the differences between the two services.

  • The Fitbit app is entirely free for basic health and fitness tracking. For free, your Fitbit will track vital statistics such as your weight, activity levels, sleep patterns, and nutritional intake before providing you with simple insights into your performance.
  • Fitbit Premium offers more advanced insight. Fitbit Premium provides you with premium challenges to motivate you, along with details about your heart rate, resting heart rate, SpO2 levels, and skin temperature variants.
  • Both memberships provide workouts. Both the free Fitbit app and Fitbit Premium include introductory programs, exercises, and mindfulness sessions. 
  • The complete collection of workouts is exclusive to Fitbit Premium. To gain access to over 200 activities and 100 mindfulness sessions, you need to subscribe to Fitbit Premium. 

Is There a Monthly Charge for Using Fitbit?

There is no charge to use the basic Fitbit app. The Fitbit Premium membership costs either $9.99 per month or $79.99 for a year subscription. 

When you buy a new Fitbit, the device often comes with a promotional free period for Fitbit Premium. The free trial can vary between 3 months and 12 months, depending on the current offer for the device you have purchased. 

Does Fitbit Require a Data Plan?

Yes and no. Your Fitbit does not need a data plan at all times, but it's essential to update the Fitbit servers regularly about your activities. To get the full functionality from the device, you need to be connected occasionally via Wi-Fi or a cellular connection to keep track of your performance. 

Can I Use My Fitbit Without the App?

You need to activate your Fitbit tracker with the app when you first get it; otherwise, you can't use it.

Once you have signed up for an account, you don't have to sync it to view your step total. You can check each day on the Fitbit device's screen instead. However, you won't be able to look at previous day records or see developing trends via the Fitbit device alone.

Your Fitbit does not need to be near your smartphone at all times, but it's helpful to be able to check in regularly and sync it up so you can view past progress and get a complete insight into your performance rather than rely solely on the Fitbit's screen. 

  • How do you cancel Fitbit Premium?

    From the Fitbit app, select the Today tab, tap Account Settings, and then Manage Subscriptions. Select your Fitbit Premium subscription, and then tap Cancel Subscription. If your subscription isn't active, you won't see the option to cancel.

  • How do you cancel Fitbit Premium's free trial?

    Follow the steps above to cancel the free trial as well as a regular subscription. As long as you cancel the free trial before it renews, they won't charge you. Plus, Fitbit Premium's free trial is three months long, so there's more than enough time to get a feel for the service before subscribing.

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