docuPub Review

Convert PDF to JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, PCX, PS, and EPS

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docuPub (previously called Neevia Document Converter) can convert PDFs for free online to a number of image file formats.

Files can be sent to you over email when they're finished converting or you can choose to wait for them to complete and then download them directly from the docuPub website.

How PDFs are Converted With docuPub

PDF conversions with docuPub are done entirely online without any software.

Before you upload your PDF, choose an output format (they're listed below). For some formats, like JPEG and TIFF, you can also define the resolution or quality that the converted file should be in.

Once you've uploaded the PDF that should be converted, choose how you want to download the converted file. You can either download it from the conversion page after you've waited for it to convert (it shouldn't take too long), or you can enter your email address to receive the converted document over email when it's completed.

If you have a PDF that consists of more than one page, converting it to a format like JPG will result in multiple images that you have to download one by one - a JPG for each page of the PDF. Though this might be what you want, you can choose the TIFF format instead, and select Yes for the Multi-page option so that all pages of the PDF will consolidate into one TIFF file.

docuPub Output Formats

docuPub lets you convert a PDF file to any of the following file types: BMP, EPS, JPEG, PCX, PNG, PS, and TIFF

If you have a PDF file that has its pages in the wrong orientation, you can also choose PDF as a conversion format and select the Page By Page auto-rotate option to have the pages positioned properly.

Limitations with docuPub

The only restriction docuPub has for converting PDF files is that you can only upload a file if it doesn't exceed a size of 20 MB. This shouldn't be a problem for some PDFs that have minimal images and pages, but it's possible that you might have one much larger, in which case you can't use docuPub to convert it.

Aside from the file size restriction, no other limitations are imposed. This means you can upload as many PDFs as you like, and have them converted to any of the above formats.

My Thoughts on docuPub

docuPub doesn't require any software downloads to convert PDFs, so the fact that you can use it online in any browser on any operating system is a big plus. It's also usually the case that you just need a few PDFs converted, so an online PDF converter is more practical than installing one to your computer.

The output formats supported by docuPub are certainly acceptable given that they're all popular formats, but mixing in a few Microsoft Office file formats like DOCX would be even better. For a conversion like that, you'd need a PDF to Word converter.

Like I mentioned above, when converting the PDF to an image file, the result is an image for each and every page of the PDF. It would be ideal to have the choice of which page to convert to an image, like if you just need one page out of the PDF, but you can simply refrain but downloading the pages you don't need once the conversion has completed, so it's really only a small inconvenience.