How to Find the 'Doctor Who' TARDIS in Google Maps

Hint: It's bigger on the inside

Tardis on Google Maps - screenshot

"Doctor Who" fans can't get enough of the British TV series, which is the longest-airing science fiction series in the world. They also can't get enough of Doctor Who lore, which includes the TARDIS. What is TARDIS? It is the blue police box — think phone booth — that serves as the show's Time and Relative Dimension in Space device, hence, TARDIS. Doctor Who uses the TARDIS to travel in space and time.

In this Easter egg, Google Maps managed to capture the TARDIS in a rare Street View in London. You can explore the TARDIS from inside Google Maps Street View and see exactly how much bigger it is on the inside than the outside.

An Easter egg—like the Google Maps TARDIS Street View—is an inside joke (or message or secret feature) that is intentionally difficult to stumble upon.

The Doctor is not in. There are no doctors, no companions, and no aliens in the TARDIS. It is an empty set for you to explore. That said, it's still really, really cool.

Visit the Tardis

To visit the TARDIS, open Google Maps in a computer browser, make sure you're in Street View, and then:

  1. Enter 238 Earl's Court Road, London, U.K. in Google Maps to go to the location.

  2. Select TARDIS in the At this location section in the left panel.

  3. Click on the blue police call box at the top of the left panel.

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the collection of images in the left panel and click on the 3D image at the bottom. It shows the TARDIS just in front of the Earl's Court station for the London Underground. 

    If you have trouble finding it, use this police call box shortcut to go straight to the 3D image.

  5. Click on the TARDIS — the blue police call box — a single time and watch your cursor turn into a large 3D-navigation arrow.

  6. Carefully position the large arrow just below the bottom of the TARDIS and centered on it. The arrow must appear to point slightly to the left to enter the call box. If it points slightly to the right, you're about to head down the street. (No one said Easter eggs were easy to find.)

  7. Click on the TARDIS with the properly positioned arrow to go inside, where you can start exploring the interior using your mouse and the rotation controls of Google Maps.

  8. When you are ready to exit, go toward the double exit doors (if you can find them) and click them to return to the street.

Can't get in? Here's a direct link to the inside. It's much more fun to find it by using Street View, though. Check out the level of detail. It's incredible. You can't navigate into other rooms, but you can zoom in to view details of the set and angles that you don't normally get to see, such as the ceiling. Hopefully, you won't lose too much time exploring the Time Lord's ship.