How to Find the Doctor Who TARDIS in Google Maps

It's Bigger on the Inside

Tardis on Google Maps
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Are you a Doctor Who fan? I sure am. I can't get enough of my favorite British TV series and the longest airing science fiction series in the world. Unfortunately, we will all have to wait a longer for our favorite Doctor to return with Pearl Mackie as the newest companion, Bill.  This Easter egg of the Doctor Who TARDIS may not be the full series, but it is a wonder of Google Maps. You can explore the Doctor Who Tardis from inside Google Maps Street View and see exactly how much bigger the TARDIS  (Time and Relative Dimension in  Space) is on the inside.

A Few Caveats

  • This is an undocumented feature, so if it doesn't work, it may have just stopped working because the feature was pulled or no longer amusing to the developer who created it. Easter eggs are bonus content. Google doesn't have to keep these things going forever. As of April 2016, it was working just fine.
  • Secondly, it works better in some versions of Google Maps than others. It works well in the desktop version, and perhaps not as well in mobile. Really this was an illustration of the first point. When Google introduced a new version of Google Maps in 2013, the TARDIS Easter egg feature did not keep up, and it required adjusting the settings to the older version of Google Maps. As of April 2016, that is no longer necessary (or possible, as we have already moved to the latest version of Google Maps). 
  • Thirdly, the Doctor is not in. There are no doctors, no companions, and no aliens. You won't see Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi, or any other cast member wandering about. This is just an empty set for you to explore. That said, it's still really, really cool.

    Now, Let's Find a Tardis

    First, click on this link to the Google Maps location: 238 Earl's Court Road, London, UK. It's just in front of the Earl's Court station for the London Underground. This is the proper place for a Doctor, right? Make sure you're in Street View on Google Maps. 

    See the Tardis? Click on the Tardis (the blue police call box) very carefully and you will eventually see arrows on the road to indicate areas where you can turn.

    It's also helpful to use the arrows as clues about your navigation. One arrow will point down the road, one arrow will point back, and you will find an arrow eventually that points toward the TARDIS. (This used to be indicated by a double arrow, but now it appears to be a standard arrow.) Click on the arrow leading inside the TARDIS in order to start navigating the ship. 

    Still can't find it? Ok, fine. Here's a direct link to the inside. It's really much more fun to find it by using Street View. Check out the level of detail. It's really pretty incredible. You can't navigate into other rooms (not that I've discovered anyway) but you can zoom in to view details of the set and angles that you don't normally get to see, such as the ceiling. Don't lose too much time exploring the Time Lord's ship.

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