Google Docs is a free online word processor packed chock-full of features. It can take a learning curve to get started but our tips will make the process fun and easy.
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Image of a woman using a laptop
How to Check for Plagiarism in Google Docs
Person exchanging keys with another.
How to Transfer Ownership of a Google Doc
Transferring Google Drive Files
How to Move Google Docs From One Drive to Another
Borders and frames
How to Add a Border in Google Docs
checkedA checklist with 4 boxes
How to Make a Checklist in Google Docs
Alphabetize text in Google Docs
How to Alphabetize in Google Docs
A man inserting a hyperlink in a Google Doc on an office computer.
How to Add a Hyperlink in a Google Doc
Google Docs in Dark Mode on a laptop and phone.
How to Use Google Docs Dark Mode
Image of folder contents copying
How to Copy Folders in Google Drive
Google Docs vs Microsoft Word
Google Docs vs Word: Which Option Is Best for You?
A series of math equations written in marker
How to Use the Equation Editor in Google Docs
Picture of a pencil pressing down on the backspace key on a keyboard
How to Delete a Page in Google Docs
Screenshot of accented letters
How to Add Accents in Google Docs
Picture of a hand with a blue highlighter
How To Highlight in Google Docs
Illustration of a check list document in front of a laptop
How to Edit Google Docs
Screenshot of the Google Docs header and footer sections
How to Remove a Footer in Google Docs
Flowchart example
How to Make a Flowchart in Google Docs
Illustration of a Google Docs page break
How To Use Google Docs Page Break
MacBook Pro on a table tap.
How to Make a Google Docs Envelope Template
Screenshot of a calendar template in Google Docs
How to Use Calendar Templates in Google Docs
Illustration of a pie chart, bar graph, and line chart
How to Make a Chart on Google Docs
Illustration of a watermark image on a document
How to Add Watermarks to Google Docs
Illustration of open Google docs
How to Open Google Docs
Screenshot showing how to move a picture in Google Docs on iPad
How to Move Images in Google Docs
Illustration showing a Google doc being mailed
How to Email a Google Doc
Illustration of a table on a laptop
How to Make a Table in Google Docs
Illustration of spell check on documents
How to Use Google Docs Spell Check
Screenshot of Google Docs footnotes
How to Add Footnotes in Google Docs
Illustration of the Google Docs trash folder
How to Access Google Docs Trash
Screenshot of a private Google Doc
How to Unshare a Google Doc
A person customizing line Spacing on Google Docs on a laptop computer.
How to Double Space on Google Docs
A woman working in Google Docs using Grammarly to correct errors in a document.
If You Use Chrome, Then You Should Use Grammarly for Google Docs
A Google Doc on a laptop computer with a drawing inserted into it.
How to Draw on Google Docs & Add Drawings From the Google Drawings App
A woman handing out flyers in a park
How to Use the Google Docs Flyer Template
Line spacing options in Google Docs on a laptop
How to Do APA Format on Google Docs for Academic Writing
Woman creating brochure in Google Docs.
How to Make a Brochure Using Google Docs
A woman using a small computer with Google showing Extnesis Fonts.
How to Add Fonts to Google Docs
A customized text box in Google Docs
How to Insert a Text Box in Google Docs
Man petting his dog at his desk while working on images in a Google Document.
How to Rotate and Flip Images in Google Docs
A woman sitting at a table looking at her laptop
How to Chat in Google Docs
An MLA Works Cited page in Google Docs on a Google Pixelbook
How to Do MLA Format on Google Docs With the Report MLA Add-on
An indented paragraph in Google Docs on a laptop on a table
How to Indent on Google Docs Using the Ruler Tool
Business owner working on a document
It's Quick and Simple to Add and Remove Headers in Google Docs
Table of contents in a book.
How to Make a Table of Contents in Google Docs
A man wearing a computer headset, talking to his computer.
Hands Tired From Typing? Try Google Docs Voice Typing, Instead
A red pencil strikingthrough handwriting on paper.
Strikethrough on Google Docs: Here's How to Put a Line Through Text
Man in a suit, sitting on a skateboard, and writing on his laptop
Use Hanging Indents in Google Docs to Improve Formatting
Hand typing in keyboard shortcuts
The 32 Best Google Docs Shortcuts of 2022
Illustration of a computer signature
How to Insert Signature in Google Docs
Insert special characters menu option
How to Superscript and Subscript in Google Docs
Macro shot of drawing green check mark in checklist box-go green idea
How to Make a Google Forms Survey
An image of a computer generating a file
How to Create a Free Google Docs Template
Office supervisor looking at computer screen with Google Docs open
How to Change the Margins in Your Google Doc
Person Working at Computer.
How to Track Changes in Google Docs
Stack of opened books, magazines, exercise notebooks with flying numbers
How to Number Pages in Google Docs
Landscape vs. portrait documents
Reformatting Google Docs to Landscape Mode Is Easier Than You Think
Business owner signing documents
Create a Google Docs Form: It's Fun!
Google Docs example
What Is Google Docs?
Woman looking at a paper next to her laptop.
How to Quickly Convert Your PDF Files to Google Docs

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