Do You Need a Mobile App for Your Business?

The Boston Globe on multiple mobile devices

Wikipedia Commons/Antoine Lefeuvre

Mobile apps are =part of every conceivable business, irrespective of their size or the services they offer. Apps are the best way to keep customers engaged with your product - they act like gentle reminders to pull them back to your product or service, while also generating new customers in the process. However, are mobile apps really necessary for each and every business? Do you particularly need one to promote your brand or business?

It is an undisputed fact that mobile apps benefit small businesses in a big way. However, the cost of mobile app development, plus the hassles of marketing both your app and brand, can prove to take a heavy toll on your time and money. Developing an app for your business adds value to your overall marketing strategy. But it takes a lot more for your app to actually succeed in the marketplace; for it to become popular among the masses and get downloaded and used time and time again.

Listed below are the aspects you need to think of, before developing an app for your business:

Your Target Audience

Firstly, think about your target audience. Who are the people you are targeting as potential customers and how many among them use smartphones? Secondly, how many would actually bother to download your app? You also need to ascertain their most preferred mobile OS or mobile operator. While the most popular OS’ include Android and the iOS, keeping the leading mobile carrier in mind also helps in your venture.

Your Budget

As mentioned earlier, developing a mobile app does not come cheap. Of course, you do have your DIY tools for app development, but you would still need to spend on the software. Of course, it would work out much better for you if you have prior app development experience or training. If you choose to hire a professional developer, though, you will be charged on a per-hour basis.

In case you discover that the cost would exceed your budget, advertising your product on mobile websites would be the better and cheaper option.

Your App Content

Mobile apps need to be updated constantly, in order to pull in more and more customers, while also retaining the old ones. Mobile users are fickle and forever need something interesting to hold their attention. If you fail to update your app often enough, your users will soon move away from you and onto another product

Cross-Platform Formatting

Once you develop your basic app, you next need to think of cross-platform formatting, so that it can be compatible with the various other mobile devices that you think they would prefer. Keep in mind that the process would cost you extra money, time and effort.

Ultimately, you have to make your decision on the most vital aspect of deriving profit from your app. You need to ask yourself if your net profit would be able to exceed your costs by a reasonable margin. In case you plan to hire professional developers to create your app, you first need to take an estimate of the cost and then compare prices vis-à-vis the services offered. It would be advisable to speak to more than one app developer before making your choice. You could also post your requirements on app developer forums online, requesting those interested to contact you.

Know that the cost of developing a basic app would come to about $3,000 to $5,000. This basic cost structure is bound to rise with more additions to the app design, app marketing process and so on.

In Conclusion

You need to think of all of the above-mentioned points, before going ahead to develop a mobile app for your business. Go ahead with it only if you are convinced that your app has enough potential to succeed in the market and that it will indeed pull in the maximum number of customers to your business.