Do I Need a Mobile Website for My Business?

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Do you necessarily need a mobile website for your business? How does it benefit you to create a mobile Website? What do you need to create such a site?

Creating a mobile Website has now become an essential part of any business or industry, irrespective of its category, type and size. In this post, we bring you an FAQ section on creating a mobile Website for your business.

What Is a Mobile Website?

A mobile Website is one that has been designed so as to be compatible for viewing on a mobile device such as a mobile phone, tablet and so on. Mobile devices have much smaller screens than regular PCs. Though the latest mobile devices are fast and powerful, they may be still slower as compared to a traditional PC. A mobile Website has to be designed in the manner that it takes into account all the inherent features of mobile devices.

How is a Mobile Website Different from a Mobile App?

While both a mobile Website and a mobile app can be accessed via mobile devices, the difference between the two is that a mobile Website offers the typical browser-based environment, with HTML or xHTML pages linked together, just like a regular Website does. It can display content, images and video and can also include mobile-specific features such as click-to-call, tap to navigate and other location-based features.

A mobile app, on the other hand, is something which can be downloaded and installed onto a user’s mobile device. An app can be accessed either via a browser or can be downloaded directly onto a mobile device, so as to be accessed even without an Internet connection.

Mobile Website or Mobile App?

The answer to this question depends upon where you would like to go with your business and the type of your niche audience. In case you want to offer mobile-friendly content to your visitors, a mobile Website will offer a variety of options for you to work with. However, if you want to give your user an interactive experience, creating a mobile app will be your best choice.

Sometimes, you will need to create both a mobile Website as well as a mobile app for your type of business. In any case, you definitely need a mobile Website before going ahead to create a mobile app to showcase your products or services. In that sense, a mobile Website becomes a useful tool for you to develop an effective mobile presence.

How Does a Mobile Website Benefit My Business?

While a regular Website offers your visitors all information about you and your products and services, a mobile Website lets them immediately get in touch with you, then and there, via their mobile phones or handhelds.

A regular Website loads at a much slower pace on a mobile device than a mobile Website. This can result in your visitor losing interest in you and moving on to something else. A mobile Website, on the other hand, connects faster and lets your visitors contact you immediately, engaging them, thereby far improving your chances of converting them into paying customers.

What is .mobi? Do I Necessarily Need it to Create My Mobile Website?

The .mobi or dotMobi is the top domain which delivers Web services to mobile devices. The .mobi domain helps you maximize your user experience as well as increases the chances of your own visibility on the mobile Web. While it makes sense to purchase a .mobi domain and go about creating your personal Website, you can also use any other domain, if you so wish. The former, though, would give your users a better experience while viewing your Website via their mobile devices.

How Can I Reach More Users Via My Mobile Website?

You can promote your business and reach more mobile users in several ways. The simplest way is to let users know about your products and services by way of sending them text messages and other vital information about your Website. You can also reach more users via the various mobile social networks, talking about and advertising your products, also offering them incentives to shop with you and share your information among their contacts.

An indirect way to promote your mobile Website is to add a link to the same on your regular Website. This would drive more traffic towards the mobile-friendly version of your Website, while also indicate to your users that you are truly serious about your business and are also in the loop with the latest technology.

Do I Need a Separate Host for My Mobile Website?

Not necessarily. While you may elect to have a different host for your mobile Website, you could also approach the same company which hosts your regular Website. There are no other special prerequisites to host your mobile Website.

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