Do I Have to Back up Everything on My Computer or Device?

Can I Choose to Only Back up Some of My Files?

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How much control do you have over what gets backed up when using an online backup service? Are you forced to back up every bit of data on your entire computer or another device, or do you have some say over what it backs up?

The following question is one of many you'll find in my Online Backup FAQ.

"Do I have to back up everything on my computer or can I choose to only backup certain things?"

Almost all online backup services allow fine control over what you want to back up.

In most cases, you use the included online backup software to select the drives, folders, and/or files you want to back up.

A few online backup services work in the opposite way. Instead of selecting what you would like to back up, you select what you would not like to back up and everything else is backed up by default.

By selecting only your most important data, or deselecting your least important data, you can keep your initial backup small, your subsequent backups faster, and may be able to purchase a smaller online backup plan.

If you're very discerning or have little important data, you may even be able to get away with a free online backup plan.

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