How to Connect AirPods to Android Phones and Devices

Can you connect AirPods to Android? Yep. All you need is a Bluetooth connection

What to Know

  • Open Settings on your Android. Tap the Bluetooth icon; toggle it on if needed.
  • Open the Airpods charging case, press and hold the Setup or Pair button on the back.
  • When the LED light turns white, go back to the Android and tap Airpods from the available device list and confirm any prompts.

This article explains how to connect and use AirPods with your Android device. While the layout of the Bluetooth settings may vary by device, navigation is typically easy to figure out.

Connect AirPods to Your Android

Before you can listen to your Android device through your AirPods, pair the two devices. Here's how:

  1. Open Settings on your Android device. This will likely be accessible through the drop-down menu on the device or as a separate app in the device's app drawer.

    Close any music or video apps on the Android device before pairing the AirPods. Playing music may cause issues when attempting to pair AirPods with an Android device.

  2. Tap the Bluetooth icon, then toggle Bluetooth on if it's turned off.

    There may be a Bluetooth shortcut icon in the device's drop-down menu. If so, long-press this icon to go directly to the Bluetooth settings.

    A screenshot of Android's settings screen with the Bluetooth button highlighted
  3. Get your AirPods charging case and open it with the AirPods inside.

    Keep the charging case nearby to recharge the AirPods when necessary. Bluetooth connections can significantly drain the battery of any wireless device. AirPods have about five hours of battery life, and the case can add up to 24 hours of additional battery.

  4. Press and hold the Setup or Pair button on the back of the AirPods case for about three seconds to place it in Pairing mode. Once the LED light on the AirPods case is white, it should be available to pair with any nearby Bluetooth connection.

    An AirPods case with the pairing button highlighted
  5. From the Android device, tap the AirPods from the available Bluetooth devices list, then confirm any prompts that appear on the Android device.

    Stay within 20 feet of your Android device to maintain the AirPods' Bluetooth connection.

How to Use AirPods Connected to an Android Device

Once connected, your Android device sends any audio through your AirPods until you end the connection. To disconnect the AirPods from your Android device, unpair the AirPods using your Android's Bluetooth settings.

Alternatively, turn off the Bluetooth setting on your Android device to sever the connection or press and hold the Pair button on the back of the AirPods case. To reconnect your AirPods to your Android, repeat the steps above.

Once the AirPods are no longer connected to the Android device, the AirPods may reconnect to the closest Apple device, such as a MacBook.

How to Monitor the AirPods' Connection and Battery

To monitor your AirPods' connection and battery status using your Android device, download an accessory app. Some free options include AirBattery, Podroid, AirBuds Popup, and Assistant Trigger.

With these types of apps, you can track an AirPods' total battery life as well as the individual battery life of the left and right AirPod.

Some apps have unique and helpful features, so make sure to research each app to see what functionality appeals to you. For example, AirBattery offers in-ear detection for apps such as Spotify and Netflix. This feature pauses sound on the AirPods whenever you remove one from your ears.

Podroid can be used to set functions, such as tapping to skip to the next song or pausing playback, while Assistant Trigger activates a voice assistant, such as Google Assistant or Samsung Bixby.

Many of these accessory apps have paid versions with extensive features, giving increased functionality with AirPods and Android devices.

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