DJI's New Drone Lets Beginner Pilots Soar and Dip With the Best of Them

The Avata offers the "ultimate immersive drone experience"

DJI has just unveiled the Avata, a "transformational new drone" built with an emphasis on user immersion. 

What does that mean exactly? The DJI Avata offers full integration with the recently-released DJI Goggles 2 video headset, providing pilots with a first-person view of the aerial action. In other words, you'll feel like you're out there among the clouds as you control the drone.

DJI Avata


This is DJI, so the Avata is also a cinematic drone with a "cinewhoop" form factor, meaning it's equipped with a heavy-duty 4K camera and all kinds of stabilization tech to ensure you get videos without any noticeable shakiness. 

The camera shoots 4K videos in 60fps and 2.7K videos in 50, 60, 100, or even 120 FPS. The Avata also comes with plenty of internal storage (20GB) for your videos and still shots.

Camera tech is great, and all, but DJI's latest drone was also designed for advanced and zippy controls, with a priority placed on speed and agility. The learning curve has also been significantly reduced when compared to other DJI drones, provided you're flying it with a proprietary controller while wearing the aforementioned goggles.

Unfortunately, this means that to truly experience everything this model offers, you need the drone itself, the newly-launched goggles, and an official DJI Motion Controller, adding up to around $2,000.

The Avata on its own, however, is affordable for a DJI product at $650. The drone is available right now on the company's website and at various online retailers.

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