How To Properly Dispose Of An Old PDA

Get Rid Of Your Old PDA the Safe Way

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If you’ve recently gotten a new PDA, you might be wondering what to do with the old one. Recycling is always a good idea. If your PDA is in good working order, perhaps a friend or colleague would enjoy using the device? Ask around and you might be surprised.

For PDAs that are no longer functioning, it’s best to dispose of the old device properly rather than simply throwing it in the trash. Devices such as PDAs and cell phones can leak heavy metal and toxic chemicals into landfills. They can also pollute the air with toxins when they are burned. A better alternative is to drop off your old PDA at a place that will properly dispose of the device.

Thankfully, it’s relatively easy to dispose of an old PDA or cell phone properly. In fact, the EPA provides a list of places where you can drop off your old cell phone, PDA, cell phone batteries, chargers, and other accessories for proper disposal. You’ll notice many wireless carriers and some office supply stores on the list.

Before getting rid of your PDA, make sure you’ve properly cleared all personal data. A hard reset is generally the best method. Should you need help hard resetting your PDA, refer to this instructional guide.